Forestry Business

A perpetual Cycle of Planting and Timber Production-the Basic Philosophy of Sustainable Forestry

The philosophy behind sustainable forest management is the cycle of planting and carefully cultivating trees before harvesting them. And it is this philosophy which underpins the sustainable forest management of Sumitomo Forestry that has been passed down through the company's history.

The 21st century is being touted as the environmental century. Realizing sustainable development in which we can both protect the environment and develop economically and socially is a global issue.

Sumitomo Forestry aims to contribute positively to the environment through sustainable, comprehensive forest management.

Managing Our Company-owned Forests, which Make Up 1/800th of Japan's Land Area

With approximately 70% of its land area covered in forest, Japan is a world class forest power. Japan's citizens have benefitted immeasurably from the nation's forests, whether it be the timber used for building materials, the wood used for pulp and paper, or the forest's role in water resource cultivation and landslide prevention.

Sumitomo Forestry owns forests in Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu, corresponding to a total area of about 47,977 hectares, or about 1/800 of the land area of Japan. Sumitomo Forestry Wood Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, manages these forests according to the forest management plan established by Sumitomo Forestry.

Shikoku (Niihama)

This forest is located in Besshiyama in Ehime Prefecture, the birthplace of Sumitomo Forestry. This forest is home to Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) aged over 100 years old and virgin forests.

Hokkaido (Monbetsu)

This is a forest on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. It is comprised of both plantations and natural forests.

Kyushu (Hyuga)

The temperate, rainy climate here is ideally suited to growing Japanese cedars (Cryptomeria japonica), which are used for a variety of different building materials.

Honshu (Ryujin)

Selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Headwater Forests, this forest located in Wakayama Prefecture is home to a plentiful supply of water.

Making full Use of Our Expert Forest Management Skills

Forest survey

Forestry Management Data Mapping System

We systematically plant and log our company-owned forests in a manner that is friendly to the local ecosystems.

To this end, our highly experienced and knowledgeable forestry personnel take periodical surveys to obtain data to predict resource volumes and harvesting schedules over the long term. To streamline management we have also introduced a Forestry Management Data Mapping System, which amalgamates tree species, forest ages and other forest information with map information.

In September 2006, we obtained Japan's own Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC)(*1) forestry certification for all company-owned forests.

(*1) SGEC: An organization which operates a forest certification system that takes into consideration the climate and natural environment in Japan