Environment Business

Creating New Global-Scale Businesses

Sumitomo Forestry is making use of the skills and expertise it has developed in managing its company-owned forests by preserving and cultivating forests in various areas around the world.

With cooperation from local governments, businesses and environmental groups, we develop industrial tree plantations to produce timber and offer consulting to private businesses regarding planting efforts.

At the same time, in Japan we are striving to create businesses which contribute positively to the environment by promoting use of Japanese timber and expanding use of unused wood biomass.

We are also working to create ways to produce CDM credits through planting efforts and biomass power generation in developing countries. Furthermore, we promote use of the offset credit J-VER system, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions in Japan.

Carbon Offsetting Business(J-VER System)

Sumitomo Forestry is registered in the J-VER system for carbon offset credits operated by the Ministry of the Environment, and is involved in the entire process, from creating the credits right through to their sale. By using the CO2 absorbed by forests as emissions credits, we are striving to build a new business model to revitalize Japanese forests.

Promoting Use of Japanese Timber

Expanding use of Japanese timber plays an important role in protecting the environment and revitalizing the Japanese forestry industry. Sumitomo Forestry is actively promoting use of not only timber from its own forests,but all domestic timber.

Biomass Businesses

The movement to utilize wood chips and other biological fuels is gaining momentum. Sumitomo Forestry is currently developing a wood biomass power generation business and a biomass fuel production business utilizing unused biomass resources from Japan and overseas.

CDM Businesses

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a system by which developed countries support reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. Sumitomo Forestry uses this system to promote projects such as its overseas reforestation projects and wood biomass power generation projects utilizing unused wood biomass.

Afforestation Consultation

We engage in afforestation project consultation, drawing on our unique skills and knowledge in forest management. We propose plantation forest operations both in Japan and overseas. Within Japan, we also provide management services for forests owned by other companies.

Management of Company-Owned Forests in Japan

We formulate and implement specific forest management plans for the four forests that we own in Japan. We manage our forests with the expert skills and knowledge that we have developed over our many years in the business.

Industrial Plantation Projects

Our plantation efforts include planting, cultivating and logging trees for use as building materials or other timber products, taking biodiversity and the local community into consideration. Promoting use of plantation timber as raw materials helps reduce the environmental impact on natural forests.