MOCCA is the business brand for wooden architecture promoted by Sumitomo Forestry. Sumitomo Forestry has been managing forests for more than 300 years. We are well-versed in the characteristics of various trees in the world, and create living spaces where trees are alive. We offer new forms of wooden architecture applicable worldwide, including medium- and large-scale wooden construction, by vastly applying our enormous wealth of experience, knowledge, and technology.

Utilizing Timber—A New Way of Building in the World

We have added timber as an option for construction materials used in structures, such as facilities and buildings, and city development. An inorganic society and artificial spaces are turned into better ones for people's lives. Underground resources are replaced with clean, aboveground resources, which are trees in forests awaiting their turns. For the present and future of the Earth and humankind, what kind of buildings and city development will we leave for the next generation? Sumitomo Forestry shares the same thinking as clients, including companies, individuals, governments and local administrative bodies, as we go about spreading the utilization of timber, a new way of building in the world.

Background of MOCCA
Increased use of wooden architecture in non-residential construction

In 2009, the Japanese government formulated the Forest and Forestry Revitalization Plan, a policy to revitalize Japan's forests and forestry. The government aims to achieve a wood self-sufficiency rate of more than 50% in 2020, and expanding the use of wooden architecture in Japan is positioned as a national policy, such as putting in force the Act on Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings on October 1, 2010.

MOCCA Showcase

Education Facilities

Timber provides a good environment, both from the aspects of health and emotions, for the growth process of children. Spaces made from timber, with their gentle colors and the warmth of wood, richly nurture all senses.


Elderly care Facilities

The desire to be in a wooden house and not a facility. Spaces made from timber giving form to this thought not only make it comfortable for elderly residents to live in, but also provide good working environments for employees.


Commercial Facilities

The use of wooden architecture is also spreading in the world of commercial facilities, where the focus is on stores. Wooden architecture, such as large spaces without posts, can help draw in more customers and increase the motivation of those who work there.


Community Facilities

The use of wooden architecture for public buildings, such as assembly halls, is being pursued as a national policy in Japan, with the Act on Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings put into effect in 2010. Spaces made from timber—which are friendly to the environment and filled with warmth—are spreading across the cities.



Sumitomo Forestry wishes to further spread timber and wooden construction, which are friendly to both people and the environment. Therefore, we work on applying wooden architecture and utilizing timber in all kinds of situations.


Achievements & Awards

MOCCA is highly rated in industries such as construction and design. Here are some examples.

Shinkenchiku, June 2013 edition
Lifestyle Design Category, Japan Wood Design Award 2015

Shotenkenchiku, March 2012 edition
Shinkenchiku, June 2012 edition
Good Design Award 2012

The Second Itami City Cityscape Award
Good Design Award 2016

Shinkenchiku, November 2015 edition

Shinkenchiku, April 2017 edition
Excellence Award, Green Resilience Award
Good Design Award 2017

Living of the Year 2017 Award

Shinkenchiku, November 2017 edition
Lifestyle Design Category, Japan Wood Design Award 2017

Good Design Award 2017

Wood Architecture and Construction Technology Guidance Program

The Wood Architecture and Construction Technology Guidance Program aims to provide government support for pioneering projects in large-scale wooden buildings using large amounts of timber, a renewable resource that can be recycled, and at the same time develop and spread timber-utilization technologies.

Program promoting use of wood in urban development

Elderly care facility, Ota Ward, Tokyo

Guidance program for sustainable buildings

Retail outlet and office, Kokubunji City, Tokyo

Commercial facility, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

Elderly care facility, Shijonawate City, Osaka Prefecture

Elderly care facility, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Sumitomo Forestry's MOCCA contributes to the increased use of wooden architecture, which is positioned as a national policy.