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Developing and Supplying Products that Meet the Needs of Our Chinese Customers

Wooden detached spec homes in Yangzhou

CAD design system at Dalian ITS

In order to make a full-scale entry into the Chinese wooden housing market, Sumitomo Forestry took a stake in local companies in 2004 which had adopted the two-by-four construction method.(*1) Paragon Wood Product (Dalian) Co., Ltd. handles the interior and exterior design as well as the construction of detached houses and condominiums in the Shanghai area, providing total housing development support in China. We also have Dalian Sumirin Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Dalian ITS) handling some of our CAD design and other work related to housing operations here in Japan. Sumitomo Forestry (Shanghai) Ltd., established in 2012, is focused on establishing a Group organizational structure in China aimed at strengthening the sale of timber and wooden building materials and expanding the housing business.

(*1) Construction method which attaches plywood to a frame made of squared lumber two inches by four inches in section size