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Increasing Production Capacity as a Manufacturing Base of Quality Timber and Building Materials

Nelson Pine Industries Ltd.

Sumitomo Forestry, seeing a business opportunity in New Zealand where the forestry industry is strong, established Nelson Pine Industries Ltd. (NPIL) in 1984 to utilize the abundant timber resources for expansion of our medium density fiberboard (MDF) business.

In June 2016, the Sumitomo Forestry Group acquired approximately 30,000 hectares of timberlands in New Zealand. NPIL is able to obtain a steady supply of good quality radiata pine from these timberlands, leading to the manufacture of products of even higher quality. These products are supplied to various countries around the world—mainly China, India, and Southeast Asia—through Sumitomo Forestry's overseas distribution network.

In addition to MDF, NPIL also manufactures structural laminated veneer lumber and other wood products. Faithfully implementing the environmental philosophy handed down from Sumitomo Forestry, NPIL's production uses every piece of log as raw material, from end to end and including the bark.

Housing Business Development with Two Major Building Companies in Australia

Henley Properties Group demonstration house

Wisdom Properties Group house

Sumitomo Forestry established a joint venture with major Australian homebuilder Henley Properties Group in 2008, and started construction and sales of single family homes in Australia.In 2009, Sumitomo Forestry began its equity participation in Henley Properties Group, developing mainly its order homes business in Victoria (Henley), Queensland (Plantation) and New South Wales (Edgewater).

Given an increase in environmental awareness in Australia, Henley Properties Group announced its Zero Energy Demonstration House, the first of its kind in Australia, equipped with energy efficiency and water-saving measures. Furthermore, as part of its efforts to reduce energy consumption, Henley Properties group focuses on increasing building airtightness and insulation, and in 2018, became the first homebuilder in the state of Victoria, to implement multi-layered glass as a standard specification.

In 2016, Sumitomo Forestry acquired shares of Wisdom Properties Group, which engages in building order homes in New South Wales.The company is known for its ability to respond to various needs of the customers, supplying both single-story and two-story homes, as well as small-sized and multi-units.

In addition to its “Wisdom Homes” brand, which focuses primarily on two-story homes for the middle- to upper-class, it also provides “Hoot Homes” at an affordable price for first-time buyers. Wisdom properties group also developed a residential greening business with its expertise in landscaping, including gardens and pools.

Sumitomo Forestry will expand its efforts in contributing to further developing the Australian housing industry through active provision of know-how and skills, developed in Japan, to build environmentally friendly homes.

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