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Strengthening Business Development in North America through the Addition of a New Manufacturing Company

Wooden cabinets

In 2011, Sumitomo Forestry welcomed wooden cabinet manufacturing and sales specialist, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company to its consolidated Group network as part of an initiative to bolster its North American business.

In North America, designers play an important role in creating custom layouts and specifications for kitchen cabinets. Canyon Creek boasts its own team of in-house designers to manufacture a wide range of cabinets. Located in Washington State, the company has a strong presence in the North American cabinet industry.

Moving forward, Canyon Creek will strengthen its business in North America through expanding into the manufacture of other types of building materials and timber products, and increasing the areas where it supplies cabinets.

Providing Safe and Comfortable Spec Homes in Seattle

Spec homes in Seattle

The United States is the world's largest market for wooden housing. Sumitomo Forestry was the first major Japanese housing builder to enter the U.S. market. In Seattle, where we have our timber and building materials distribution sites, we established SFS Homes, LLC as a joint venture with a local housing construction company in 2002. In 2003, we began sales of spec homes.

In our quest for knowledge, we test and verify U.S. housing customs, culture, construction methods and market environment. Using this information, we try to offer new housing that incorporates the best of Japanese homes, including designs that make more efficient use of land and space. In 2010, we established Henley USA LLC to apply the successful business approach adopted by the Henley Group in Australia to the launch of the spec home business in the United States.

Going forward, we hope to provide much-loved housing to communities far and wide, well beyond the Seattle area.