Systemized Sales of Housing Materials

Nationwide timber and building materials distribution and sales through our exclusive distribution network.
Sumitomo Forestry operates a cloud service that provides complete support for housing-related businesses.

Sumitomo Forestry Has Sales and Distribution Sites for Timber and Building Materials Established in Every Major Japanese City.

INOS Group

In order to provide customers with comfortable wooden housing suited to the respective regional climates and cultures, we also operate the INOS Group, a housing materials distribution network comprised of quality local construction companies. Sumitomo Forestry supports the top-rated local construction companies within the INOS Group by supplying high-quality home building materials, pre-cut fabrications using linked CAD/CAM computer systems, building materials design using advanced CAD systems, sales and after-sales maintenance.

How the INOS Group works

Cloud Service Providing Complete Support for Housing-related Businesses


In collaboration with a major IT company, Sumitomo Forestry operates the JHOP(*1) cloud service for companies in the housing industry. The service provides critical software and business systems to building contractors, design companies, building material manufacturers, trading and other companies via an online network.

Through this new service, we are aiming to contribute to the vitalization of the housing industry by helping housing-related companies enhance their business efficiency and expand their businesses.

(*1) Japan Housing Open Platform

Establishing a New, Environmentally Friendly Housing Materials Distribution System

Sumitomo Forestry has created a new, streamlined housing materials distribution system, and established a new company, Home Eco Logistics Co., Ltd., to operate this new system. Home Eco Logistics utilizes Sumitomo Forestry's expertise in the housing business to reduce costs for the materials manufacturers, retailers and housing companies that entrust their distribution to Home Eco Logistics and its 28 relay centers (as of September 2012) throughout Japan. In addition, as use of this system reduces the number of deliveries in each region, it helps to lower CO2 emissions.