Our Values and Ideals

Inspire Emotion, Blaze a Trail to the Future, Act with Dignity

1 : Inspire Emotion

Great ideas are born when employees enjoy their work. Bringing together diverse individuals will generate a new power. Just as each individual tree makes an abundant forest, bringing together our individual strengths allows us to perform our work in a way that will inspire our customers.

2 : Blaze a Trail to the Future

We honor the traditions passed down by all who came before us. Work that leads to the happiness of our children, grandchildren and future generations is a wonderful thing. We will blaze a new trail to the future with this pride leading the way. We will do our utmost in the interest of a sustainable society and the global environment.

3 : Act with Dignity

We approach our work every day with pride and integrity. Our work gives us something to be proud of as citizens of the broader society. The trust that we have earned from society forms the basis of our work. We will behave with dignity, allowing Sumitomo's Business Spirit to guide all of our actions.

4 : Promoting "Our Values and Ideals"

The "our" in "Our Values and Ideals" refers to all employees, including executive officers, employees (including contract employees), temporary staff, and part-time workers.