Blaze a Trail to the Future

1 : Sustainable Development - We work for the Group's sustainable development from a long-term perspective.

Making the most of the assets we have inherited for the sake of the future

  • The Sumitomo Forestry Group is a corporate group that looks ahead 100 years to the future. We effectively utilize the assets we have inherited from our predecessors-forests, entrepreneurial spirit, technology and trust-for the sake of the future community.

Setting goals from a long-term perspective, and achieving them without fail

  • We do not merely pursue short-term profits. Aiming to bring about an abundantly rewarding society, we look ahead to the future in performing our daily tasks. Managers and supervisors in particular take a long-term perspective in establishing plans and achieving them.

2 : Respect for Families - We maintain respect for ourselves and our families, and strive to build an abundantly rewarding future.

Respecting all families

  • We have been growing trees and protecting forests through sustainable forest management and various other programs for a long time, so we know the importance of fostering life and bringing it into the future. Building a healthy living environment also means creating a future for families. Since we are involved in this pursuit, we keep a close watch on the growth of children and have a good understanding of the importance of spending time with family. We work hard to raise the next generation, and we value families.

Creating a workplace conducive to diverse working styles

  • Safety and health come before anything else, and are the foundation of our ability to work. We are mindful of both health and safety, and supervisors look out for the mental and physical health of their subordinates, allocate work appropriately and give advice.
  • Just as lifestyles are diversifying, there are also a wide range of work styles. We value flexible work styles that meet individual needs..

3 : Accumulation and Creation - Using our proprietary technology and expertise, we create work that the next generation can be proud of.

Creating new value on the path to achieving our dreams

  • We recognize that holding on to our dreams and staying curious are the keys to developing original technologies and business models that benefit society. We work to enhance our research and development capabilities to ensure that our proprietary technologies translate into strength. We strive to add one accomplishment to another, and to make the most of each as intellectual property in our unending quest to develop advanced technologies.

Always learning, thinking flexibly

  • We acquire the appropriate knowledge and strive to improve our techniques. We make every effort to help customers accurately understand the Sumitomo Forestry Group's technologies. We think flexibly and constantly refine our ideas in order to create new technologies and businesses.

4 : Giving Back to the Community - As a good corporate citizen, we actively contribute to community development.

Living in prosperity as an essential part of the local community

  • Companies are citizens in the local communities where they operate. We consider the various factors that affect communities and conduct business with a solid understanding of each community's culture and traditions in order to build stronger relationships of trust with people. Toward this end, we interact broadly with all elements of society and cooperate with stakeholders of all kinds.
  • We are actively involved in the local communities where we operate. The company strives to create an environment conducive to being active in the local community, for example by supporting employees' personal volunteer activities.

Contributing to mutual understanding around the globe

  • In the course of our business around the world, we observe all legal instruments, such as the laws of all countries and regions and international treaties, understand local social conditions, and respect local culture and traditions. We strive to communicate actively to encourage mutual trust, and are unstinting in our efforts to ensure trust between different cultures.

5 : Environmental Responsibility - We take the initiative to protect the global environment and pursue sustainability.

Evaluating everything we do in terms of environmental sustainability

  • Our work, which starts with forest management, is always interconnected with the global environment. We believe that the problems facing the global environment pose risks to human survival, not just to our business, and we prioritize environmental consideration in accordance with our Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies.

Doing business with environmental responsibility

  • Our business is founded on cultivating and utilizing renewable forest resources, and thus we play an extremely important role in maintaining and improving the various functions of the forest. For this purpose, we actively develop technology and ideas that demonstrate environmental responsibility, and strongly believe that our mission is to contribute to a healthier future for the global environment.
  • We appropriately evaluate the environment impact of our business, actively utilize renewable resources and natural energy, and promote energy conservation and the 3Rs for resources (reduce, reuse and recycle). As industry leaders, we fulfill our responsibility to build a society that is committed to recycling.

Working to resolve environmental problems beyond the scope of our business and organization

  • We thoroughly study environmental problems and share the knowledge we gain with the community.
  • In our efforts to resolve environmental problems, we strive to strengthen relationships with like-minded individuals, and each one of us takes eco-friendly actions and participates in activities to give back to the environment.