Act with Dignity

1 : Passing on Sumitomo's Business Spirit - We treasure Sumitomo's Business Spirit, which emphasizes trust and giving back to society.

Protecting the trust inherited from our predecessors, in order to expand our business

  • Sumitomo's Business Principles are "Placing prime importance on integrity and sound management in the conduct of its business," and "Under no circumstance, however, shall it pursue easy gains or act imprudently." This is a vital legacy originating with Sumitomo's founder and passed down for over 300 years, and we feel strongly about the need to pass it on to the next generation. We will not do anything in pursuit of easy gains that would damage the trust that Sumitomo has earned.
  • Sumitomo's Business Spirit, fostered for more than 300 years now, serves as a reliable compass even today, when companies' social responsibility is subject to severe scrutiny. We treasure the Business Spirit we have inherited and the trust we have earned from society and will build a corporate group worthy of the next generation's pride.

Growing our business to ensure that our corporate group is essential to society

  • We aim to give back to society through our business and to be a corporate group that is truly essential to society. We strive to predict social changes and respond swiftly to diverse situations to improve corporate value.

2 : Legal Compliance - We observe laws and regulations, and compete openly and fairly.

Complying with laws and regulations

  • We respect laws and regulations, and believe that compliance is the minimum social requirement for any good corporate citizen. We pursue profits through business activities that comply with all relevant laws. We prioritize legal compliance even if this incurs costs and affects business deals.
  • We go beyond simply observing the letter of the law, however, by demonstrating a firm understanding of the spirit and intention of the law and acting accordingly to earn society's trust.

Ensuring profits through fair competition

  • We do not engage in any unfair acts such as gift-giving, entertainment and bribes that would cast doubt on our fairness. Nor do we make false accusations against other companies. We secure sound profits through fair and free competition as we strive to expand our business.
  • We believe that this ethical approach is the only way to ensure the best returns for all stakeholders.

Maintaining an Uncompromising stance against anti-social activities

  • We do not respond to illegal demands or other anti-social acts by using money to easily resolve problems, nor do we compromise. We are strongly motivated to take a firm and uncompromising stance. We address every such incident by consulting and cooperating with supervisors and a division specialized in responding to these situations, so that employees who happen to receive contact from anti-social elements never need to worry on their own.

3 : Information Handling - We protect information and intellectual assets, and we do not hesitate to disclose information that should be made public.

Disclosing all information that should be made public

  • The first step in earning society's trust is to ensure transparent management by constructively disclosing information and showing society we are committed to honesty. Our disclosure is not limited to the legally required information; rather, we disclose all information that the public should know. We do not hesitate to disclose information, even when it is to our disadvantage.
  • When disclosing information, we fairly publicize reliable information as swiftly as we can.

Promoting stakeholder understanding through active communication

  • We ensure management transparency and actively exchange information with shareholders and investors through general shareholder meetings and IR activities. In addition, we work to help a broad range of stakeholders-including customers, business partners, employees and local communities-to understand our company by pursuing thorough communication. We also incorporate their opinions in our management.

Protecting information that should be safeguarded

  • We appropriately and strictly manage all personal information that we have obtained to prevent information from being moved unnecessarily or data being sent by mistake through a lack of caution, and we ensure that all such information is only used for its initially stated purpose.
  • We strictly protect internal information that has not been disclosed and that could have a significant impact on the market. We raise awareness to prevent infraction of insider trading regulations, whether deliberate or careless, and we consult with the legal division when there is even the slightest doubt about a transaction.

Protecting intellectual assets and utilizing them appropriately

  • We protect the intellectual assets that we have produced and do not allow these rights to be infringed upon.
  • We protect confidentiality in marketing through appropriate management, respect others' intellectual assets, and do not acquire or use trade secrets through illicit means.

4 : Respect for Human Rights and Diversity - We respect human diversity and do not tolerate any discrimination.

Recognizing that all individuals are equal

  • We recognize that all individuals are equal and see them as valuable partners in our work. We do not use our authority or position on the job to engage in any form of harassment that would damage the integrity of the workplace.

Respecting the diversity of people in each community

  • Each community includes many different types of people. We respect each individual's personality, rights and privacy, and we do not engage in any inappropriate discrimination based on gender, age, disability, nationality, beliefs, religion or social position. We recognize the value of one another's unique characteristics.

5 : Autonomous Actions - We clearly differentiate between public and private activities, and always act with awareness and pride in representing the Sumitomo Forestry Group.

Differentiating between public and private activities

  • We aim to realize our corporate philosophy and strive to increase profits by capitalizing on the Sumitomo Forestry Group's assets. We clearly differentiate between public and private activities as a member of the Group, and protect the company's tangible and intangible assets while refraining from appropriating corporate assets and using them for personal purposes.
  • We do not use our authority or position on the job for personal entertainment and gain, and do not seek favors from third parties. We also refrain from taking personal compensation from customers and business partners and do not loan or borrow money while on the job.

Acting with awareness and pride as a member of the Sumitomo Forestry Group

  • We honor and protect "Our Values and Ideals," and refrain from any act, public or private, that would damage the company's trust or profit, or that would cast doubt on the company's fairness. We act with awareness that we are always representing the Sumitomo Forestry Group.