Promoting "Our Values and Ideals"

1 : Scope

  • The "our" in "Our Values and Ideals" refers to all employees, including executive officers, employees (including contract employees), temporary staff, and part-time workers.
  • Please consult with a supervisor or compliance counter with any questions or in the event that there is no relevant regulation in the company.
  • "Our Values and Ideals" apply to all worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates of the Sumitomo Forestry Group; however, please follow the following procedures when applying them.
    1. Refer to laws and commercial practices in the local community, and if necessary, prepare a revised version after conferring with Sumitomo Forestry's General Administrative Division.
    2. Obtain approval from each company's Board of Directors.

2 : Responsibilities of Executive Officers

  • Executive officers understand that their role is to adhere to "Our Values and Ideals," providing an example through their own leadership that will entrench these values and ideals within the company and ensure that all employees and other stakeholders are familiar with them.
  • When an event occurs that violates "Our Values and Ideals," executive officers will work together with the entire company to resolve the matter and will also remain accountable to society and strive to regain its trust.

3 : Revisions

  • The Sumitomo Forestry General Administrative Division will take the central role in making regular revisions based on the opinions of relevant divisions and Group companies. A revised draft is prepared as necessary and submitted to the Executive Committee for deliberation.