Contribution Through Our Businesses

Overall Business and Scope of Impact

Overall Business and Scope of Impact

The Sumitomo Forestry Group is a comprehensive lifestyle-related business group engaged in the development of a broad range of businesses from forestry management to housing construction and the power generation.

Housing and Construction Business

Housing and Construction Business

Reports on the overall Housing & Construction Business segment from the construction of custom-built detached housing to refurbishment and renovation.

Procurement Initiatives

Reports on responsible procurement activities taking social and the environmental aspects into consideration based on our Group Procurement Policy.

Safety and Quality Control

Reports on the policies and initiatives in place for product safety and quality control in the Housing & Construction Business segment.

Home Building that Contributes to a Sustainable Society

Reports on the initiatives in housing sales which contribute to a sustainable society, including Net Zero Energy Houses (ZEH).

Communication to Improve Quality

Reports on the initiatives to improve quality through informational dissemination and communication with everyone who is considering buying a home.

Occupational Health and Safety and Environment on Construction Sites

Reports on initiatives to ensure the utmost safety as well as our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. The Sumitomo Forestry Group prioritizes occupational health and safety above all else on housing construction sites.

Product Liability

Reports on the product liability policies and initiatives to ensure that every owner can maintain and continue the comfortable lifestyle.

MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business

Reports on advancements in the MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business specialized in proposing wooden non-residential medium to large-scale construction.

Contributions to Eco Cities Through Greening

Reports on the ongoing contributions Greening Business toward Eco Cities by responding to needs for diverse greening, such as landscape and environmental greening.

Distribution Business

Distribution Business

Reports on overall distribution businesses as a trading firm of timber and building materials which leverages our global network.

Procurement Initiatives

Reports on the basic policy, management system, and initiatives for timber procurement.

Sales Initiatives

Reports on policies for handling certified timber and Japanese timber as well as initiatives to encourage standardization.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Reports on the manufacturing facilities overall as a manufacturer of timber and wooden building materials.

Procurement Initiatives

Reports on initiatives that adhere to the Group Procurement Policy and active use of plantation timber and wood from certified forests.

Product Safety and Quality Control

Reports on safety and quality control policies for wood building materials in addition to the initiatives in each country.

Initiatives at Plants of Building Components

Reports on waste reduction as well as occupational health and safety initiatives at building materials manufacturing facilities in Japan and overseas.

Forest Management

Forest Management

Reports on the overall forest management of the Sumitomo Forestry Group, which plants trees, cultivates forests and continually utilizes wood.

Sustainable Forest Management

Reports on the public functions of forests and on the Sumitomo Forestry Group’s efforts targeting sustainable forest management.

Protecting and Utilizing Domestic Forest Resources

Reports on initiatives related to management of company-owned forests in Japan and the forest management consulting business.

Forest Management Overseas

Reports on plantation forest operations overseas and the forest management consulting business.

Utilization of Overseas Plantation

Reports on the basic policy for overseas plantations and initiatives taken in respective countries.

Occupational Health and Safety in the Forestry Business

Reports on the occupational health and safety initiatives in the Forestry Business, which conducts forest management.

Energy Business

Energy Business

Reports on the overall Energy Business of the Sumitomo Forestry Group with focus on wood biomass power generation.

Procurement Initiatives

Reports on initiatives that include the promotion to utilize unused forest materials in wood biomass power generation as well as the procurement of wood chips.

Contributing to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Through the Renewable Energy Business

Reports on initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases through the renewable energy business, which aims to build a 200 MW power generation system.

Business Responding to an Aging Society

Business Responding to an Aging Society

Reports on businesses that respond to an aging society such as the new establishment and operation of nursing care facilities and the day care nursing business.