Promoting the Use of Unused Forest Resource

Amount of unused wood
resource from domestic
forest (FY2018)
297 kt

Unused wood resource is left-over woody biomass generated from logging or thinning of standing trees in forests. Wood biomass power generation plants are operating in each area and the demand for wood biomass is growing following the adoption of the FIT law (Feed-in Tariff for Renewable Energy). By using unused wood resource, we can expect an effective increase in the value of forests while also promoting renewable energy. In fiscal 2018, the Group used 297,000 tons of unused wood resource. We will continue to work on building up systems for the efficient, stable collection of unused forest resource.

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Promoting Effective Wood Procurement Through the Adoption of High-Performance Silviculture Machines

Effectively Extracting Unused Forest Resource for Mombetsu Biomass Power Plant

Mombetsu Forestry Office introduced Scandinavian harvesters and forwarders able to turn in small circles in 2015 to begin efforts to deliver log harvest/thinnings (unused forest resource) as biomass electric power generation plant fuels.

Moreover, by selecting forestry equipment with high-level driving performance in narrow forest areas, operators are able to execute all harvesting and transport operations while on the machine. We consider this is an initiative that improves safety and will play a role even in eliminating occupational injuries.

Scandinavian harvester

Scandinavian harvester*1

Scandinavian forwarder

Scandinavian forwarder*2

*1 Self-propelled high-performance forestry machine that brings together each operation to cut, de-limb, and vertically cross-cut*3 timber, which had traditionally been done with a chainsaw

*2 Self-propelled high-performance forestry machine that collects and feeds vertically cross-cut timber on a cargo bed

*3 To cut crude timber to a standard length

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