Basic policy

Sumitomo Forestry is advancing the MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business specialized in proposing wooden non-residential medium to large-scale construction to brand MOCCA (Timber Solutions) as a business.

Sumitomo Forestry has been engaging in forest management for more than 300 years. In addition, we create living spaces which take advantage of wood through our expertise in the various properties of wood worldwide. By dramatically furthering wide-ranging experience, knowledge and technology, we propose wider use of wood and timber in non-residential buildings, such as medium to large-scale construction.

Funding Trends for the Mocca Initiatives (Fiscal 2013-2017 Performance/Fiscal 2018 Forecast)

Funding Trends for the Mocca Initiatives (Fiscal 2013-2017 Performance/Fiscal 2018 Forecast)

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Basic Concept of Product Safety and Quality Control in MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business

Sumitomo Forestry is promoting MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business in which proposes wider use of wood in non-residential buildings such as industrial and public facilities. The MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Department provides high-quality buildings with consideration for users’ health, safety, and comfort via wooden architecture, and obtained ISO9001 in September 2015 in response to customer expectations. Complying with this international standards, policies were established as shown in the following link. Each plant sets tangible quality targets and a business expansion plan adhering to the policy to attain maintained safety and enhanced product quality.


Quality Policy

We will strive in the efforts below as an organization that loves wood because we believe it is the path to respond to the expectations of our customers by consistently providing high-quality buildings with consideration to people's health, safety, and comfort via wooden architecture.

  1. Continually better quality and improve customer satisfaction
    We will work to heighten our quality performance and improve customer satisfaction while continually bettering the effectiveness of our quality management systems by conforming to standards and meeting the requirements of our customers.
  2. Complying with the law
    We will have full knowledge of applicable laws and other requirements we see as a duty for the company in the design and construction of buildings.
  3. Establishing policies
    We will set quality targets and periodically evaluate our success and revise those targets and goals to specifically promote this quality policy.
  4. Conducting Education and Training
    We will conduct education and training for the staff we employ to raise awareness so that all of our employees working in the MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Department and the company will understand this quality policy.
  5. Publishing this policy
    We will publish this policy externally on the Housing and Construction Division's MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Department website.

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Product Safety and Quality Management System in MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business

Sumitomo Forestry MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Department consolidates the quality management system under the aforementioned policy and is building a strict process management system.

The Department also conducts biannual internal audits at all construction sites to follow the PDCA cycle incorporated in the quality management system as stipulated by ISO9001.

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Niihama public Besshi Junior High School Dormitory Connecting the Junior High School and Community

The Besshi Junior High School dormitory completed in March 2018. Sumitomo Forestry was selected to be in charge of the design and construction through public proposal in the Niihama Municipal Besshi Junior High School Dormitory tender offer program held by Niihama City in Ehime prefecture.

This facility uses Japanese cypress in the two-story building constructed through the wooden post-and-beam construction method. We propose comfortable spaces as a living space for students realized through wooden construction which has superior thermal efficiency, moisture retention and moisture conditioning.

The entrance hall achieves a space with a historic feel presenting the magnificence of Besshi by using pillars of dressed logs fabricated from 100-year old Japanese cypress harvested in our company-owned forests in Besshi, Niihama. The building is furnished with a cafeteria, a multi-purpose room and a conversation lounge centered in the first floor next to the entrance hall to nourish an area where students, faculty, and families as well as the local community can communicate smoothly. The multi-purpose room and the conversation lounge play an important role in the daily lives of the students and is designed as a relaxing place so that they can spend time and cultivate relationships like family.

The solid Japanese cypress flooring made in Ehime prefecture for the first floor common areas and the half-timbered beams in the cafeteria realize the space filled with the qualities of wood. Everyone can enjoy this attractive indoor space resonating with a deepening wooden flavor as time passes.

The second floor is designed for living and learning for each students and offers eighteen 10.1 m² individual rooms with security and privacy.

Besshi Junior High School has been reinforcing their English and Science programs since April 2016 with the introduction of unique educational curriculum with small class sizes. This distinct curriculum has been brought out through individual educational support via small class sizes under the name Global Junior High School with the aim of raising leaders who will be active on the global stage. The city aims a regional development that takes advantage of the nature, history and culture, through building an environment where students can focus on their learning with peace-of-mind and safety in the dormitory.

Sumitomo Forestry aims to contribute to sustainable growth as part of the regional revitalization effort through establishing cooperative systems uniting the junior high school with the local community with the design and construction of the Besshi Junior High School dormitory.

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New Nagasaki Prefectural Hall Observatory First Public Facility to Adopt Ki-Gurumi FR®

Sumitomo Forestry was in charge of building the wooden frame construction of the observatory room on the eighth floor of the government building following the construction of the Nagasaki Prefectural Hall. This construction creates a space filled with the qualities of wood in a large-scale building by employing Ki-Gurumi FR® for the first time in a public facility as fire-resistant laminated engineered material made from authentic wood.

The new Nagasaki Prefectural Hall was completed in December 2017 with four buildings for govenrment, conference, the police headquarters and parking and has been starting to offer services from January 2018. The observatory room at the top of the government building was delivered with the Ki-Gurumi FR®, which has been certified by the Cabinet minister for being a one-hour, fire-resistant structure in 2016.

Wooden building materials to ensure fire resistance features often sacrifice the qualities of wood by combining the wood with other materials such as mortar or gypsum board. Sumitomo Forestry has been able to offer the warmth and gentle nature of wood while still ensuring fire resistance features because the Ki-Gurumi FR® used in this project is a genuine wood fire-resistant material without any additional materials. Some of the raw materials also use Japanese cedar produced locally in Nagasaki prefecture, which contributes to the use of locally produced materials. The Ki-Gurumi FR® materials, handled by our Timber and Building Materials Department, currently has manufacturing bases in four locations throughout Japan (Iwate, Fukushima, Ishikawa, Nara prefectures). This department adapts operations to best suit the needs in the construction area to deliver materials through these manufacturing bases.

Ki-Gurumi FR® brings opportunities for more people to feel the quality of spaces made from wood thanks to its adoption in public facilities. We believe wooden constructions to share the qualities of wood in some areas of large facilities such as this one provide great examples for new uses of wood. Sumitomo Forestry will continue to strive to provide a wider variety of solutions illustrating the wonders of wood in the future.

Property Overview

  • Building Name: Nagasaki Prefectural Hall Government Building
  • Design: Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Matsubayashi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd. and Ikeda Architects Co., Ltd. Joint Subcontracting Enterprise for Specific Public Construction
  • Supervision: Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Matsubayashi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd. and K.K. Atelier Planning Joint Subcontracting Enterprise for Specific Public Construction
  • Construction: Kashima, Jotaki and Horiuchi Subcontracting Enterprise for Specific Public Construction
  • Building Architecture: Reinforced Concrete 8-story Building with Partial Wooden Construction
  • Total Floor Area: 46,718.23 m² (256 m² Built by Sumitomo Forestry)

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