Business Responding to the Super-Aging Society

Contributing the Super-Aging Society Through Our Business

The rate at which Japan’s population is aging continues to accelerate even after having become a super-aged society in 2010. In October 2017, the aging rate reached 27.7%*, and is estimated to exceed 30% by 2025. This rapidly advancing trend toward a super-aged society is one of the most critical societal issues our country faces.

In order to address this issue, we are making use of the experience and knowledge in creating comfortable living spaces that we have cultivated over many years in the housing business. We apply this know-how as we strive to enhance both quality and quantity in implementing various services centering on enabling the elderly to continue living with vitality for every possible day in safely living environments.

* Source: Annual Report on the Aging Society, 2018 ed.

Expanding Services for Customer Need

Sumitomo Forestry provides long-term healthcare for the elderly through consolidated subsidiary Sumirin Fill Care Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; formerly Fillcare Co., Ltd.), which joined the Sumitomo Forestry Group in December 2007, and Sumirin Care Life Co., Ltd. (Nada-ku, Kobe; formerly Shinko Care Life Co., Ltd.), a consolidated subsidiary whose shares were acquired in April 2017.

In May 2018, Sumirin Fill Care opened Gran Forest Nerima-Takamatsu, its 16th private-pay elderly care facility, with nursing care and day-service. The facility brings to 768 the total number of living spaces provided by Sumirin Fill Care. During the three years since fiscal 2016, it has added 324 living spaces to the total by opening five private-pay elderly care facilities with nursing care within the 23 wards of metropolitan Tokyo and one facility in Kobe. The company is operating a total of three day-service center facilities.

Sumirin Care Life has begun construction on Elegano Nishinomiya, an elder residential facility with 309 living units and peripheral services, slated to begin operating in the spring of 2020. Elegano Nishinomiya will be a mixed-use facility combining the location of a Group-run long-term care insurance business. This will enable the facility to provide appropriate support based on care plans that accommodate a wide range of residents, from those living independently to those needing assisted living or nursing care. Construction began in June 2018, with a Senior Residence Gallery sales center opening in September that year, providing virtual-reality simulated model room experiences. Once Elegano Nishinomiya is completed, it will bring to 998 the total number of living spaces available in combination with the existing three facilities. The company also operates a total of eight Service Stations offering visiting nurse services, in-home nursing care and day-care facilities.

Gran Forest Nerima-Takamatsu

Gran Forest Nerima-Takamatsu

A view of the facility's interior

A view of the facility's interior

Efforts to Help Extend Healthy Lifespans from the Customer’s Perspective
—Providing Visibility Using ICT, and Health Maintenance Programs with Specialist Support—

With the segment of the population requiring nursing care expected to increase drastically from 2025, when all members of the Baby Boom generation will have reached old age, attention is focusing on a wide range of efforts to help the elderly maintain activities for daily living (ADL) and extend their healthy lifestyles.

Sumirin Fill Care is adopting the ICT-equipped Life Rhythm Navi*1 Plus Doctor resident monitoring system in private-pay elderly care facilities that have opened since fiscal 2016. The system analyzes data from numerous sensors such as bed sensors, motion-detection sensors, and temperature/humidity sensors. It provides a detailed real-time grasp of the interior environments of living spaces, as well as residents’ sleep states and activities, converting all of this information into data.

Bringing “visibility” to resident monitoring data in this way can be useful in preventing falls and in keeping up on the condition of each resident. Advice from specialized medical institutions based on the data makes it possible to effectively maintain and improve the medical condition of each patient. Also, implementing the system in conjunction with nurse-call functions enables unified management of information from residents, enhanced information sharing and collaboration among staff, which is expected to help reduce staff workloads.

A system using Sumirin Fill Care's Life Rhythm Navi Plus Doctor won the highest honor in the Living of the Year 2017 prize contest (hosted by the Council of Senior Housing Industry Executives) for advanced systems using ICT. Beginning in fiscal 2019, Sumirin Fill Care plans to phase the system in at facilities where it has yet to be adopted.

In fiscal 2018, Sumirin Fill Care made still more progress with these types of systems, developing and making available the Forest Life daily health support service program.

Forest Life focuses attention on four elements that determine healthy lifespans: high-quality sleep, comfortable living environments (air quality), healthy diet (swallowing function*2) and appropriate exercise (walking function). This is a service aimed at extending the healthy lifespans of residents by using ICT technology to bring visibility to their status in terms of these four elements, in combination with guidance by doctors and rehabilitation specialists based on data that has been rendered “visible”.

In fiscal 2018, the system was adopted in a verification trial at Gran Forest Gakugei Daigaku, a private-pay elderly care facility operated by Sumirin Fill Care. On the basis of the trial results, the decision was made that its implementation would be phased in at other facilities beginning the subsequent fiscal year.

*1 Life Rhythm Navi is a registered trademark of EcoNaviSta Ltd.

*2 The function by which food in the mouth is transported to the stomach.

Life Rhythm Navi

Life Rhythm Navi

Providing Day-to-Day Peace of Mind and Vitality Through Links to Healthcare and a Varied Activity Program

Sumirin Care Life Co. currently operates three large-scale private-pay elderly care facilities in Kobe that combine independent living and nursing care services. Sumirin Care Life facilities have at least double the number of staff on duty as are specified under nursing care insurance standards, and nursing staff are on site 24 hours a day. All facilities also include conjoining clinics and partnerships with participating general hospitals as part of the high level of overall service provided. The quality of service has earned high praise from external institutions.

The Elegano Nishinomiya facility slated to open in spring 2020 will help each and every resident live full intellectual and individualistic day-to-day lives through a Senior College Program featuring diverse lectures in the arts, sciences, sports and other topics by guest speakers invited from outside based on residents’ requests. In addition to nursing care and nurse staff, as well as an adjoining clinic and partnerships with external medical institutions, staff sports instructors, certified nutritionists and care managers will work as a team to provide preventive medicine and support tailored to the circumstances of each resident. The system is aimed at further heightening the quality of service provided.

Exterior view of Elegano Nishinomiya

Exterior view of Elegano Nishinomiya

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