Business Responding to an Aging Society

Contributing an Aging Society Through Our Business

The Sumitomo Forestry Group believes the promotion of businesses that are suited to and support social needs such as the provision of living and lifestyle services based on an aging society is an important social duty for the Group. Therefore, we are promoting measures from new installations and operations at long-term care facilities to a day service business.

Opening and operating nursing care facilities that use ICT and the latest research results

Improving the quality of nursing care services that are provided, securing nursing care staff to entrust these services and improving that work environment are social challenges that we will face after 2025 when the baby-boomers all reach old age. The rapid increase of elderly with dementia is also a concern.

Fill Care Co., Ltd. (currently: Sumirin Fill Care Co., Ltd.) that is expanding the nursing care business in metropolitan areas and the Hanshin district has adopted the Life Rhythm Navi Plus Doctor resident monitoring system that uses ICT in private-pay elderly care facilities which opened in fiscal 2016. Conventionally, the state of residents was determined by information sent from sensors independently. However, this system can grasp the detailed situation of residents in living spaces in real time by analyzing information sent from multiple sensors such as a bed sensor, motion detector and temperature sensor.

This information can be used for health management of residents and preventing falls as well as central management of emergent call from residents by combining with nurse calls. This information can also be shared with the families of residents through the use of smartphones. The technology is expected to reduce the load on staff too by sharing information between staff members to strengthen links.

This system was adopted at the Gran Forest Tokiwadai private-pay elderly care facility that opened in November 2016, Gran Forest Gakugei Daigaku that opened in February 2017, Gran Forest Saginomiya that opened in May 2017, Gran Forest Tetsugakudo that opened in December 2017, Gran Forest Kobe Mikage that opened in February 2018, and Gran Forest Nerima Takamatsu that opened in May 2018.

In fiscal 2017, Sumitomo Forestry Tsukuba Research Institute introduced a new trial to utilize research results. First, a “pleasant sleep system” improves the quality of sleep for residents through the control of a combination of a wooden interior and indirect lighting to provide a bedroom environment with a relaxing effect. A pleasantly deep sleep at night is expected to elevate disturbances in the rhythm of life and offer healthy activities during the day. Gran Forest Gakugei Daigaku also built the Hanaemi Garden with rich seasonal changes that have been proven to improve the activity of daily life (ADL) and be effective in preventing cognitive impairments in addition to working in a Tree and Flower Recreational Program that uses the flowers in the garden which offers a place for residents to interact with the world around them.

Furthermore, safe and friendly flooring” aims to protect residents from impacts if they fall by employing a special floor structure together with impact absorbing material.

Moreover, hoping to visualize mobility functions, Gran Forest Narima Takamatsu implemented the Q’z TAG™walk system that measures and evaluates people walking through acceleration sensors and unique algorithms. This system is aiding in maintaining and improving the walking of residents. By placing a light 15 gram sensor on the waste and walking 10 meters, the system which was introduced provides advice on improvement points and recommended exercise programs by visualizing movement, balance, speed and rhythm via a radar chart to evaluate walking.

The system is expected to sustain walking skills and daily lifestyle activities as well as better the healthy life expectancy.

Gran Forest Gakugei Daigak

Gran Forest Gakugei Daigak

Grand Forest Saginomiya

Grand Forest Saginomiya

Housing Taking Advantage of Quality Wood Benefits

Wood has many beneficial effects. For example, the fragrance of wood relieves stress, provides a sedative effect, offers relaxation, and it is expected to help prevent dementia as well as reduce the symptoms. The warm feel to the touch also helps prevent fatigue even while walking on the wood floor. Sumitomo Forestry Group is building facilities that bring out these excellent benefits of wood to their fullest.

Entrance Filled with the Warmth of Wood

Entrance Filled with the Warmth of Wood

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