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Product Development/
Raw Material Procurement

Sumitomo Forestry Group uses the renewable resource of wood as a primary raw material for building production in manufacturing facilities.

Therefore, we are making efforts to positively utilize plantation and certified timber in product development and procurement.

Relevant Social Issues

Sumitomo Forestry Group uses raw materials which make considerations toward the natural environment and legal compliance such as plantation and certified timber in product development and procurement at manufacturing facilities. These efforts relate to social challenges such as the depletion of forest resources and illegal logging.
Our Group is contributing to solving these challenges through responsible procurement activities.

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The Sumitomo Forestry Group engages in quality control in manufacturing facilities under the ISO9001 international quality management system and its own unique quality policy. Our quality control does not stop at the production of high-quality products but also strives to build products with even greater safety.

Furthermore, there are many employees work in these manufacturing facilities both in Japan and overseas. Establishing an environment with occupational health and safety is the responsibility of our Group and always aims to achieve accident-free facilities. In addition, we are putting our strength into resource saving and recycling due to the variety of waste produced in the manufacturing processes for construction.

Relevant Social Issues

Process and production stages relate to social challenges that include ensuring product safety, occupational health and safety as well as resource recycling.
We are building a quality control system in addition to incorporating international standards to respond to these challenges. By putting safety measures and recycling systems in place, we are also able to offer a safe and secure production environment.

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Product Sales

Sumitomo Forestry Group ships and sales products made from various processes and production to each country around the world. In sales, we provide products that always prioritize the satisfaction of our customers from shipment to support in construction.

In conjunction with acquiring ISO certifications at overseas manufacturing plants, Sumitomo Forestry has proceeded to standardize its manufacturing operations, and has built a production system which allows it to provide products of consistent quality and has begun sales for Japan with strict quality requirements.

Relevant Social Issues

The Sumitomo Forestry Group does business in each country by complying with the rules and regulations from a compliance perspective for shipments and product sales. In addition, we strive to reduce CO2 emissions produced in transport with the purpose of saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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