CSR Management

Corporate Philosophy and CSR Management

The Sumitomo Forestry Group conducts CSR management that contributes to building sustainable and prosperous society through the business utilizing “wood.”

CSR-related Policies

The Sumitomo Forestry Group engages in initiatives based on individual policies for each challenge related to CSR management.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Sumitomo Forestry Group strives to have active dialogue and cooperation with its stakeholders so that it may respond to their interests and expectations and earn the trust of society.

Initiatives to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sumitomo Forestry Group contributes through various activities that consider the business activities and relevance to the Group's CSR material issues by supporting SDGs as a company that is growing its businesses globally.

CSR Material Issues and Mid-Term CSR Management Plan

The Sumitomo Forestry Group has identified five high priority issues and set them as the Group’s CSR material issues. We formulated the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan that sets fiscal targets toward 2020 for each CSR material issues to promote these activities.

Material Issue 1: Continue to procure wood and materials that take sustainability and biodiversity into consideration

We have positioned the conservation of biodiversity as a priority issue while promoting sustainable forest management and timber procurement both in and outside of Japan.

Material Issue 2: Promote the reduction of the environmental impact of our business activities

We are furthering the reduction of our environmental impact overall, including the reduction of greenhouse gases and industrial waste, with our focus on businesses such as housing as well as timber building materials.

Material Issue 3: Promote the development of workplaces where diverse personnel can work with vigor and enthusiasm, demonstrating their abilities and individuality

We aim to build a safe and healthy workplace where all driven employees can actively participate regardless of their attributes.

Material Issue 4: Strengthen and promote risk management and compliance mechanisms

We are working to reinforce the mechanism for managing business risk—which also encompasses Group companies—by constantly managing prioritized risks.

Material Issue 5: Promote the development and sales of products and services that are safe, reliable and environmentally conscious

We see the provision of products and services which generate value able to build a prosperous society as an important role that includes standardizing durable, high-quality houses.