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Environmental Accounting

Tabulated Results for Fiscal 2016

Sumitomo Forestry publicizes aggregated data of environmental conservation costs and effects and also economic impact of its activities for the purpose of promoting environmentally sound management.

Note: The basis of calculation includes Sumitomo Forestry on a non-consolidated basis and certain Group companies

Environmental Preservation Costs
Cost Category Main Activities Cost
(Million yen)
Costs within operational area Global environmental protection costs*1 Sustainable forestry cultivation 656
Environment-related business
(Overseas consulting, REDD+ business, etc.)
Carbon offset 62
Resource recycling costs*2 Promotion of appropriate treatment, reduction, and recycling of industrial waste 6,116
Waste wood chip distribution operations 265
Recycling Used Activated Carbon, etc. 315
Upstream / Downstream costs*3 Green purchasing 37
Management activity costs*4 Operation and promotion of environmental management
(ISO14001 certification, environmental education, LCA surveys, etc.)
Monitoring of environmental burdens 1
Disclosure and administration of environmental information
(CSR Report, environment-related advertising, environment-related exhibitions, etc.)
R&D costs*5 R&D activities related to environmental conservation 783
Social contribution costs*6 Management and operation of Mt. Fuji Manabi no Mori 19
Management and operation of Forester House 8
Other social contribution activities 2
Donations to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund 2
Total 8,538
  • *1 Global environmental protection costs: Expenditures for preservation and management of Company-owned forests to foster sustainable forestry, expenditures in Japan and overseas relating to the environmental business, and overseas reforestation expenses for implementing carbon offset.
  • *2 Resource recycling costs: Expenditures on waste wood distribution operations and sorting, recycling, appropriate treatment, transportation and management of construction waste, as well as costs incurred in the recycling of used activated carbon, etc.
  • *3 Upstream/Downstream costs: Expenditures for green purchasing.
  • *4 Management activity costs: Office expenses and auditing costs relating to maintenance of ISO 14001 certification; expenditures relating to disclosure of environmental information through advertising, environment-related exhibitions and the CSR Reports; expenditures relating to lectures on environmental education; and costs for life cycle assessment inspections.
  • *5 R&D costs: Expenditures for environment-related research conducted at the Tsukuba Research Institute
  • *6 Social contribution costs: Expenditures related to operating the Mt. Fuji Manabi no Mori natural forest restoration project, and maintaining and operating Forester House; expenditures related to other social contribution activities; donations to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund; and provision of financial assistance to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund commissioned by the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation.

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Environmental Benefits
Category Description Results
Benefits from costs within operational area Volume of recycled waste wood from distribution operations(converted into chip equivalents) 1,149 thousand m³
Volume sold of potting mix using recycled sediment from water purification 18 kt
Benefits from Upstream/Downstream costs Green procurement ratio 71.0%
Benefits from management activity costs Employees designated as internal environmental auditors 316
Benefits from R&D costs -- Flowers that change from white to pink, and a possible new variety --
Initiative to Protect our Precious Trees: Success in Propagating Sapling Using Tissue Culture from Sacred “Kitano Sakura” Cherry Tree, Follows on from Last Year's “Beniwa Kombai” Plum Tree Project
Japan Bio Energy Co., Ltd.
Certified as a superior industrial waste disposal operator by Kawasaki City
-- Aiming for regional revitalization by reviving forestry --
Started the creation of Forest and Forestry Master Plan in Itoshima, Fukuoka
Acquired new minister certifications for fire resistance laminated engineered wood at four companies
-- Realizing dramatic cost reductions by rationalizing FR Wood® material specifications --
-- Japan's largest 50MW biomass power generation built as a power plant that uses Japanese timber as fuel --
Started operations of the Mombetsu Biomass Power Plant
-- Sugawara no Michizane Heisei Tobiume Project --
Returning cultivated seedlings of sacred Beniwa Konbai trees to Kitano Tenmangu
Possibilities of grafting through DNA analysis
Benefits of social contribution costs Volunteers who participated in Mt. Fuji Manabi no Mori project 274
Children participating in the Environmental Education Program at Mt. Fuji Manabi no Mori project 794
Visitors to Forester House 2,765
KTI Reforestation Cooperative Newly Acquires the FSC Forest Certification -
Sumitomo Forestry Group CSR Report 2016
Presented the Judging Panel Chairman Commendation Award at the 20th Environmental Communication Awards!
Sumitomo Forestry Mt. Fuji Manabi no Mori Environmental Education Program
Judging Panel Chairman Commendation Award from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
The Sumitomo Forestry Group’s Biodiversity Conservation Activities
Recognized as a Business Tie-up with the Japan Committee for United Nations Development Business (UNDB-J)

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