Environmental Report

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Introduces the Sumitomo Forestry Group’s policies on environmental management.

Environmental Management Structure

Reports on the environmental management structure and the state of environmental audits.

Environmental Risk Management

Reports on countermeasures to the main environmental risks and regarding known environmental risks.

Responding to Climate Change

Environmental Impact of Business Activities

Reports on the balance of input and output and on life cycle assessments.

Saving of Energy and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Business Activities

Reports on targets for reducing CO2 emissions, and on actual emissions from office, manufacturing and transportation activities.

Responding to Waste and Pollution

Promotion of Waste Reduction and Recycling

Reports on initiatives aimed at expanding zero emissions and on initiatives for the proper disposal of waste.

Management of Hazardous Chemical Substances and Appropriate Disposal

Reports on initiatives for managing hazardous chemical substances and on the amounts of PRTR substances discharged and transported.

Biodiversity Conservation

Policies and Targets for Biodiversity Conservation

Reports on policies and targets for preserving biodiversity.

Biodiversity Conservation in Company-Owned Forests in Japan and Plantation Forests Overseas

Reports on specific initiatives relating to biodiversity in company-owned forests in Japan and plantation forests overseas.

Efficient Use of Water Resources

Efficient Use of Water Resources

Reports on initiatives for the effective use of water and on the amounts of water consumed by Group companies in Japan.

Environmental Related Data

Environmental Related Data

Reports on environmental data for business activities in Japan and overseas as well as the costs and benefits of environmental protection.