HIGH LIGHT 02 Promoting MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business Utilizing Wood to Change the Future

The warmth, comfort, and touch of the wood are being reappraised. In particular, the relaxing effect of its aroma and stimulation of the brain through touch are under experimental study backed by scientific research. There is also an aspect of wood contributing to the development of communities as people gather and communicate in places with trees and greenery.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group prevails the beauty, new values and possibilities of wood to the society through the MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business which promotes building wooden structures and using wooden materials. This duty and role can only be taken by us, a company that has been centered on wood and timber since its foundation.


Example: SDG targets 9.4

By 2030 upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes, all countries taking action in accordance with their respective capabilities.

Sumitomo Forestry's contribution in achieving the goal

  • Promoting MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business
  • Technology development for the MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business
  • Creating and communicating new benefits and values of wood

Rehabilitation therapy x MOCCA = New possibility of wood
Completion of Senri Rehabilitation Hospital Annex Building

The Sumitomo Forestry Group is promoting wooden structures and interiors in commercial buildings, offices, schools, facilities for child care, elderly care, and other purposes. We are broadly proposing new values and possibilities of wood by introducing wood for structures that are conventionally not being built with timber. As a new challenge, we have completed a rehabilitation facility incorporating MOCCA for the new annex building for Senri Rehabilitation Hospital in Osaka in September 2017. The Hospital is Japan's first to have a concept of rehabilitation resort.

In order to support those patients who experienced deep trauma through sudden illness and to regain their positive attitude and physical abilities, the hospital offers rehabilitation facilities that are close to real daily life environment. The ultimate goal is to return and live in their own home. To achieve this concept, it chose a design with uneven levels and stairs instead of making the facility completely accessible. In addition, painting and music ward and gardening ward are available separately for patients to find their new joy in life and possibility. Accessing to these wards are part of rehabilitation.

Wood offer comfort through all five senses, from its aroma, texture, and sound echoes in the air. The qualities of wood contribute not only to physical treatment but also physiological treatment during the stay. This integration of wood and medical sites is a great example of the new possibility of MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business.


A Project that Embodies "Happiness Grows from Trees"

There certainly were struggles in bringing the benefits of wood while complying with the laws and building standards for medical facilities. Despite these challenges, we strived to create a space that patients can focus on their recovery being comfortable within a relaxing environment as the owner’s wish was to avoid an environment that is lifeless, white, cold, and prioritized efficiency.

After six months since the opening, a community was built around painting and music ward and we received praise from patients and families. There are patients who wish to visit this facility even after leaving the hospital.

Being part of the project that can offer new joy in life to patients depressed by their sudden illness makes me proud. This project was very meaningful and it really brought out our brand message of "Happiness Grows from Trees."

Housing and Construction Division Supervisor, Sales Group, MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Department Shun Deguchi

Shun Deguchi
Supervisor, Sales Group, MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Department
Housing and Construction Division


Timberized Eco City, Changing Cities into Forests
Launch of the W350 Plan

In February 2018, Sumitomo Forestry has created and announced a research and technological development concept "W350 Plan" aiming to build a 350-meter-tall wooden high-rise building by 2041, which will mark the 350th year since foundation of business.

Managed mainly by our research and development center, Tsukuba Research Institute, this research and technological development plan is a roadmap for the future technologies; to develop building construction methods, environmental technologies, wood for building materials and resources and will expand the possibility of wooden structures.

This plan of creating Timberized Eco Cities centered on wooden high-rise buildings will revitalize the forestry industry with increased demand of timber and mitigate climate change with increased fixation of CO2; in essence, Sumitomo Forestry will contribute to invigorate the community and to realize coexistence with the global environment.

Building outline:

  • Height – 350m, Number of floors above ground – 70 floors
  • Building use: Stores, offices, hotels, residences
  • Building area: 6,500m²
  • Design collaboration: Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
  • Architectural area: 455,000m² (6,500m² x 70 floors)
  • Amount of timber used: 185,000m³
  • Structure: Wood and steel hybrid structure (Internally, pure wooden structure)
the W350 Plan
the W350 Plan

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