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Supporting Work-style Innovation

Building a workplace where employees can actively participate with enthusiasm is an extremely important challenge from the perspective of securing human assets as long working hours become a social issue and the demand for work-style innovation grows. The Sumitomo Forestry Group sets specific targets and promotes initiatives in the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan to develop a workplace where diverse human assets can actively.

Realizing a Work-Life Balance

The Sumitomo Forestry Group is promoting diversity management by setting "Respect for Humanity—We work to create an open and inclusive corporate culture that values diversity" as one of its Action Guidelines. We are also furthering the creation of a workplace where our employees are able to work with passion by striving to shape the health preservation of each and every employee so that they may take care of themselves and their families as well as build a brighter future.

In fiscal 2017, we advanced more employee-friendly systems with the revision of our personnel system. More specifically, the Sumitomo Forestry has transitioned overtime work from a de facto working hour system to an actual count system as well as adopted a flextime system, a work interval system and productivity assessments by hour.

The transition to an actual count system and the adoption of a productivity assessment aims to reduce long hours, heighten the quality and productivity of work as well as preserve the health of employees by heightening the quality of work with employee awareness about the cost versus time.

We are also striving to build an employee-friendly systems for child raising and nursing care and to equalize operational working hours overall by stipulating the total working hours per month and a flextime system.

In addition, the interval system secures 11 hours of leisure time between the end of the work day until the start of the next work day. This program prevents overwork and reduces the impact on the mental and physical health of employees by exempting employees from working if their 11 hours of leisure time overlaps with the start of the workday or core time.

Selected as a 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization

Sumitomo Forestry was selected as a 2017 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization in February 2017. The Health and Productivity Management Organization Certification System is part of an initiative to better the health of employees advocated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. 235 corporations have received this certification from among the "large-scale organizations" subject to this certification for the first time since its establishment in fiscal 2016.

The certification is set based on five criteria; corporate philosophy and policies, organizational structure, execution of policies and measures, assessment and improvement as well as legal compliance and risk management. Sumitomo Forestry has been highly evaluated for its "corporate philosophy and policies" in particular.

Examples of Initiatives for Health Management at Sumitomo Forestry Efforts to reduce long hours by adopting flextime and interval systems Comprehensive examinations through health check-ups Setup of consulting center with internal counselors (clinical psychologist) as well as manager training Periodic implementation of mental health check-ups (stress checks) that use the corporate intranet

Sumitomo Forestry Granted Semi-Nadeshiko Brand Designation for FY2016

Sumitomo Forestry has put its strength into the promotion of women's success and was granted the fiscal 2016 Semi-Nadeshiko Brand Designation. The Nadeshiko Brand was established in fiscal 2016 with focus on the promotion status of women's success by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry together with the Tokyo Stock Exchange to select companies conforming to the Nadeshiko Brand for excellence in empowering women.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group is encouraging the active participation and appointment of women managers by setting a target to have a ratio of 5% or more female managers by 2020 as a Mid-Term CSR Management Plan.

We have adopted a mentor system in fiscal 2016 that partners female employee mentees with male managers as mentors and expanding a system to support the active participation of female employees.

The Group formulated the Sumitomo Forestry Group Declaration on Empowering Women in 2013 to actively promote the enhancement of programs such as work-style support while raising children as well as education training systems.

Sumitomo Forestry Group Declaration on Empowering Women

  • 1. We will create a positive work environment for women
  • 2. We will leverage women's unique creative powers
  • 3. We will spur innovation through the participation of women

Holding Iku-boss Seminars

The Sumitomo Forestry Group has held Iku-boss* Seminars for managers based on the importance of changing their awareness to drive the organization in order to realize work-style innovation. On the day, managers from the head office and other offices nearby as well as employees from Group companies human resources divisions participated in the seminar lead by an external instructor under the theme to reform thinking to raise performance while controlling long hours and realizing work-style innovation suited for each individual's situation.

  • * Iku-boss is a boss who fulfills his responsibility at work,encouraging their staff's private life and carrier,also balancing their own work and life.

Voice of Iku-boss Seminar Participants

Q: Please tell us your thoughts and about how your thinking has changed after attending the Iku-boss Seminar.
A: I joined the seminar with excitement as the title suggested that I can learn the practical secrets to heighten performance while realizing a work-life balance.
The seminar was able to teach me the definition and importance of Iku-boss with specific and easy-to-understand content. Members of my group and team each faces different situations, from having time limitations due to raising children to having a strong sense of responsibility and working long hours to the extent that I worry about their health. I want to build an employee-friendly workplace where everyone can work with enthusiasm by understanding persona situations of each team members through communicating with them individually.

Morimasa Iwakame

Morimasa Iwakame
Team Leader
Ikebukuro Branch, Housing Division

Q: Please tell us what you would like to practice in the future and how your behavior might have changed.
A: I made a declaration to create an atmosphere to support one another at work as a way to better the private lives of my staff and my own life as an Iku-boss action commitment at the end of the seminar.
Specifically, I halved the number and length of group meetings in an effort to promote more efficient work and shorter working hours. I am also supporting my staff in reducing their time restrictions through checking on their progress and offering any guidance or alleviating any worries they may have by visiting their desks.
In the future, all of my team members will think by standing in the shoes of others and they will first act as an example so that action can be taken. I hope to put this in to practice and facilitate a greater awareness.

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