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Material Issue 1: Continue to procure wood and materials that take sustainability and biodiversity into consideration

Basic policy

As the world’s forests continue to decrease in size as a consequence of illegal logging, excessive slash-and-burn farming and other practices, various countries are proceeding to introduce laws and strengthen regulations to eliminate illegally logged timber from the market. Meanwhile, in Japan, maintenance of forests, and of plantation forests in particular, has halted in part because of a declining and aging forestry workforce, and there are growing concerns about some forests becoming devastated.

Amid this situation, as the Sumitomo Forestry Group is engaged in business centered on wood, it is promoting sustainable forest management and sustainable procurement of wood both in Japan and overseas.

Furthermore, since its fields of business are directly linked to forests that nurture biodiversity, the Group has positioned conserving biodiversity as one of its key CSR themes.

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Progress of the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan and SDGs

Current awareness
of issues and
basic strategies
Evaluation metrics FY2016
mentally responsible society

Increase volume of sustainable wood handled, and utilize sustainable forest resources by verifying legal compliance Percentage of certified timber among all imported timber sold 9% 10.9%symbol for Independent assurance 11.0% 12%
Volume of exported Japanese timber 158 thousand m³ 70 thousand m³symbol for Independent assurance 100 thousand m³ 200 thousand m³
Volume of plantation timber, certified timber, and Japanese timber handled at distribution hubs overseas 781 thousand m³ 812 thousand m³ 964 thousand m³ 783 thousand m³
Volume of fuel wood chips handled 773 thousand m³ 812 thousand m³symbol for Independent assurance 861 thousand m³ 800 thousand m³
Volume of certified timber (by SGEC) handled at distribution hubs in Japan 55 thousand m³ 68 thousand m³symbol for Independent assurance 60 thousand m³ 85 thousand m³
Volume of unused wood resource handled from Japanese timber 181 kt 191 ktsymbol for Independent assurance 200 kt 185 kt
Percentage of Japanese timber used for new custom-built detached housing
(Housing Businesses)
Multi-Balance Construction Method 72% 71%symbol for Independent assurance 72% 75%
Big-Frame Construction Method 51% 50%symbol for Independent assurance 51% 55%
Percentage of reviews conducted for wood product suppliers who handle directly imported timber and wood products with verified legal compliance
(Timber and wood product department)
100% 100% 100% 100%
Establish forestry management that enables conservation of biodiversity, and value as natural capital Percentage of certified (by SGEC) forests in newly acquired forests managed by the Group 100% 100% 100% 100%
Number of native species planted at new detached housing sites 40,000 trees 30,614 treessymbol for Independent assurance 35,000 trees 210,000 trees
/6 years
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  • ○:Achieved △:Achieved at least 70% of the target ✕:Achieved less than 70%

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