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Material Issue 3: Promote development of workplaces where diverse personnel can work with vigor and enthusiasm, demonstrating their abilities and individuality

Basic policy

The Sumitomo Forestry Group aims to foster a safe and healthy workplace environment where motivated employees can be actively involved without regards to gender, age, nationality, race, religion or disability. In an endeavor to actively engage female employees in particular, the Group released the “Sumitomo Forestry Group Declaration on Empowering Women.” It was issued to the entire Group under the name of the President, and has been the basis for subsequent efforts.

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Progress of the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan and SDGs

Current awareness of issues and basic strategies Evaluation metrics FY2016
Rating FY2017
Promote fair employment and treatment

Female employees in management positions Sumitomo Forestry 2.9% 3.2%*1symbol for Independent assurance 3.3% At least 5%
Consolidated in Japan 5%*1
Female employees Sumitomo Forestry 19.5% 20.1%*1symbol for Independent assurance 20.0% At least 20%
Consolidated in Japan 25.4%*1
Disabled Employees Sumitomo Forestry At least 2% 2.12% 2.2% At least 2%
Consolidated in Japan 1.45%*2 2.0%
Promote work-life balance Paid leave usage Sumitomo Forestry 8 days 6.9 days 10 days 10 days or more
Consolidated in Japan Target set by each company 40% Target set by each company 50%
Overtime working hours (Reduction from the average overtime working hours in FY2013) Sumitomo Forestry ▲14.8% ▲7.5% ▲14.8% ▲30%
Strengthen occupational health and safety Number of occupational injuries in Company-owned forests*3 Sumitomo Forestry 0 3 0 0
Number of occupational injuries at new construction sites*4 Sumitomo Forestry 0 12symbol for Independent assurance 0 0
Number of occupational injuries in other places*4 Consolidated in Japan Target set by each company 8 Target set by each company 0
  • *1 Data as of April 1, 2017
  • *2 Data as of June 2016
  • *3 Number of occupational injuries involving contractors at work sites in Company-owned forests
  • *4 Number of cases covered by temporary absence with work compensation benefits under the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act
  • Rating
  • ○:Achieved △:Did not achieve but improved from the previous year ✕: Did not achieved and no improvement or worse performance

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