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Material Issue 4: Strengthen and promote risk management and compliance mechanisms

Basic policy

We are working to reinforce the mechanism for managing business risk—which also encompasses Group companies—by constantly managing prioritized risks through the CSR/Risk Management Committee.

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Progress of the Mid-Term CSR Management Plan

Current awareness of issues and basic strategies FY2016 target FY2016 result Rating FY2017 target FY2020 target
Strengthen risk management framework Check the progress on the 36 prioritized risk items at the quarterly Risk Management Committee meeting. Reviewed target items and shared case reports on emerging risks at the monthly Board of Executive Officers meetings. Check the progress on the 41 prioritized risk items at the quarterly CSR/Risk Management Committee meeting. Manage risks by using prioritized risk items set by the CSR/Risk Management Committee.
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  • ○:Achieved △:Achieved at least 70% of the target ✕:Achieved less than 70%

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