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Communication with Our Business Partners

Communication with Sumitomo Forestry's Business Partners

Sumitomo Forestry's housing-business worksites are found in every region of the country, and they rely on the many supporting partner companies that the Sumitomo Forestry Group collaborates with. The Company considers communication with these companies to be vital in order to share with them its philosophy of improving the quality of homes while protecting the environment.

Main Communication Activities with the Business Partners
of Sumitomo Forestry's Housing Division
Name/scale Description
Evaluation and feedback based on the Supplier Evaluation Standards Response rate: 82.4% of main business partners (2016) Material suppliers of Sumitomo Forestry (suppliers excluding on-site equipment manufacturers, precut factories, building material operators and frame centers) are evaluated every year on items that include a corporate overview, quality, cost, delivery period, environmental response as well as services. We provide feedback from the evaluation results as a way to play a role in bettering our suppliers. In addition, we conduct plant audits of our suppliers regularly. In the future, we will review methods for auditing suppliers to further strengthen our quality control.

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Communication with Our Timber and Building Materials Business Partners

In the Timber and Building Materials Business, given that it is characterized as being a regional industry, Sumitomo Forestry maintains close communication with the suppliers and purchasers of timber and building materials in each region.

Main Communication Activities with the Business Partners
of the Timber & Building Materials Division
Name/scale Description
The Sumirin club –a membership organization to communicate with regional suppliers of timber and building materials
Number of members: 868 companies (as of March 2017)
Established in different regions around Japan as a forum for communication with business partners of timber and building materials. Training sessions and information exchange meetings are held two or three times a year in each region, allowing members to deepen mutual friendships, promote product R&D, enhance production and distribution, and support improvements in the industry as a whole.
Publication of Building Materials Monthly
Monthly print run of approximately 4,100 copies
With a history spanning more than half a century, this monthly magazine publishes timely information and topics regarding timber, building materials and the housing industry from a distinctive perspective unique to Sumitomo Forestry.

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