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Information Disclosure and Communication

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure and Communication

In the interest of greater management transparency, Sumitomo Forestry takes a proactive approach to information disclosure.

We strive to provide reporting and explanations in an easy to understand manner at the General Meeting of Shareholders held in June every year. We also publish a wealth of IR information in Japanese and English such as information about the settlement of accounts and monthly order information that includes short financial statements and a summary of financial results and forecasts on our website. In addition, we also publish our CSR initiatives in Japanese and English online. In addition to our Annual Report and the Japanese language report for shareholders on business activities, we also strive to actively provide information that includes the publishing of notifications for our Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in both English and Japanese in print and online forms. Sumitomo Forestry publishes an Integrated Report instead of its traditional Annual Report as a way to further enhance the information that it discloses such as ESG in 2017.

Annual Report 2017

Integrated Report 2017

Japanese reports for shareholders on business activities (Year ended March 31, 2017)

Japanese reports for shareholders on business activities (Year ended March 31, 2017)

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Two-Way Communication with Shareholders and Investors

General Meeting of Shareholders

Sumitomo Forestry holds its Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders every June. Through various initiatives, the Company endeavors to get as many shareholders as possible to participate at the meeting and exercise their right to vote. These initiatives include sending out and posting online convocation notices (in Japanese and English) earlier than legally required, scheduling the meeting to avoid the date when most other shareholder meetings are held, and accommodating shareholders who wish to cast their votes online or via mobile phone.

Individual Meetings

Sumitomo Forestry holds individual meetings for institutional investors following the announcement of its quarterly results. In fiscal 2016, the Company held 169 of these individual meetings both in Japan and overseas.

IR Informative Meetings for Individual Investors

Sumitomo Forestry holds regular IR informative meetings for individual investors. During fiscal 2016, many investors attended the meetings held in Osaka and Tokyo. The meetings presented the growth strategy of the Sumitomo Forestry Group in addition to its business operations while its exhibition booth at the venue provided those investors who have requested with briefings on customized housing, rental housing, and renovation.

IR Activities for Overseas Institutional Investors and Shareholders

Sumitomo Forestry management team visits institutional investors and shareholders in Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia in addition to engaging in efforts such as the distribution of English versions of financial information to all of our institutional investors and shareholders overseas. These efforts offer us the chance to exchange ideas in addition to explain aspects of our business such as our business performance and business strategies.

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Toward the Future

Sumitomo Forestry will continue to communicate the business operations, corporate stance and future vision of the Sumitomo Forestry Group to not only shareholders, but all institutional and individual investors from overseas or in Japan in a fair and appropriate manner, and it will expand IR activities that are appropriately rated in stock markets.

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