News Releases 2013

Nov.29, 2013 Employees Win Silver Medal and Fighting Spirit Award
in the Carpentry Category at the 51st National Skills Competition!
Nov.20, 2013 New eco-friendly flooring products made from domestic wood Product included in the Wood-Use Points Program
Launch of BeRiche Home Wood Flooring Made from Domestic Materials
Nov.07, 2013 Selected for listing on the CDP 2013 CDLI as the top scoring Japanese companyPDF
Nov.01, 2013 8th Product in Super Natural Materials Series Beautiful tones that improve with age, offering products in mahogany,
one of the world’s three most precious types of wood Launch of Super Natural Mahogany
Nov.01, 2013 Completion of Sumitomo Forestry Kashima Solar Power Plant in Ibaraki
—Employing proprietarily designed wood frames—
Oct.31, 2013 Announcement of Amendment to Forecast of Financial ResultsPDF
Oct.24, 2013 Askul and Yanmar to Participate in Measures to Tackle Climate Change in Vietnam (REDD+ Demonstration Activities)PDF
Oct.22, 2013 —Joint investment to establish biomass power generation and wood fuel chip production companies—
Launch of Biomass Power Generation Business in Mombetsu, Hokkaido
Oct.16, 2013 Supporting restoration in devastated areas through Mocca project
Started Construction of Wooden Factory in Kawauchi-mura, Fukushima Prefecture
Oct.07, 2013 Utilizing advanced wood technologies that turn wood into a science
Project Included in Wood Architecture and Construction Technology Guidance Program
of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Oct.03, 2013 Selected for Inclusion in DJSI Asia Pacific,
a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Stock Price Index
Oct.03, 2013 “Prototype model house,” “border-type wood tiles” and “dual construction method for vibration control and seismic resistance”
Awarded the Good Design Award 2013
—Pursuing the potential allure of wood and proposing eco-friendly, safe housing and lifestyles—
Sep.30, 2013 Revisions to Organizational Structure and Personnel TransfersPDF
Sep.27, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry Acquires Additional Equity Interests in Members of Henley Group in Australia, which become SubsidiariesPDF
Sep.10, 2013 Actions aimed at preserving global biodiversity and offering a full and abundant life for people
Enrolled as Member of International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative
Aug.09, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry and JICA Enter Agreement on Measures against
Climate Change in Vietnam (REDD+ Demonstration Activities)
Aug.08, 2013 Proposing a New Method for Making Housing Purchases via a Website
Sumitomo Forestry Launches My Select BF-Si Standard Home Designs
―Achieve Enhanced Cost Performance by Cutting Sales Costs―
Jul.31, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry Group Releases CSR Report 2013
—Introducing Measures Contributing to the Achievement of a Sustainable Society—
Jul.22, 2013 Development of technique to cleanse contaminated soil using phytoremediation
Received the FY2012 Environment Minister Award for the Model Initiatives on Environment Measures
Jul.10, 2013 42nd WorldSkills Competition (Leipzig, Germany)
Medallion for Excellence in the Carpentry Category
—Yuki Okamoto, Employee of Sumitomo Forestry Home Engineering—
Jul.05, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry Uses IT to Revitalize Forestry in Shimokawa, Hokkaido
―Support sustainable Forest Management by Obtaining High-precision Forest Resource Image Data via Aerial Surveys and by Using a Computer System―
Jul.1, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry Acquires Equity Share in Homebuilder in Texas, U.S.
Expanding U.S. Housing Business
Jun.25, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech to Establish Century-old Home Club
—Passing on Tradition with Increased Rejuvenation of Legacy Homes—
Jun.21, 2013 Notice of Resolution of the 73rd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
Jun.06, 2013 Remodeled Properties Based on the Concept of Child-raising
Sumitomo Forestry to Launch Sales of Forest Haven HYOTANYAMA
May.30, 2013 Notice of the 73rd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
May.30, 2013 Matters Available on the website in relation to Notice of the 73rd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
May.17, 2013 Offering New Ideas Using the Qualities of Wood and Easy-to-Use Materials
Sumitomo Forestry Crest to Launch BeRiche Wooden Housing Materials
for Six Different Interior Design Ideas
May.09, 2013 Sale of Shares in Subsidiary (Transfer of Equity) PDF
May.09, 2013 Distribution of Surplus Profits (Dividend Increase)PDF
May.07, 2013 Creating New Value for Homes
Sumitomo Forestry Strengthens Wooden House & Condominium
Renovation Business
—Extensive Reassuring Support System via Long-term Livability Plan and After-sales Services—
Apr.26, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry to Launch ForestMaison Sharehouse
for a New Style of Living
―Creating Communication between Residents through
the Living Comfort of a Wooden House―
Apr.23, 2013 Introducing a Precast Concrete Foundation Construction Method
―Improving Building Precision for Custom-built Detached Housing Foundations and
Achieving Quicker, Streamlined Construction―
Apr.11, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Develops Unique Construction Method
to Protect Wooden Houses from Earthquakes
Mar.14, 2013 Cosponsoring the Kyo-no-Mori Project, hosted
by World Heritage Daigoji Temple
Sumitomo Forestry to Donate Cloned Cherry Tree Saplings
to Daigo Elementary School
Feb.26, 2013 Eco-Asset Consortium Assisting in Project to Create Ecosystem Network
and Train the Next Generation
Life Sustaining Project Receives
Prize at the Aichi Environmental Awards
Feb.14, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry at House Vision 2013 Tokyo ExhibitionPDF
Feb.04, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry to Launch New Concepts in
Next-generation Housing Display Center Strategy
―A New Strategic Focus for Custom-built Housing Products in Urban Markets―
Jan.24, 2013 Omurozakura Research Project, Ninnaji Temple
Test Planting of Tissue-cultivated Cherry Tree Seedlings in the Tohoku Region
―Praying for Restoration of the Tohoku Region and Growth of the Omurozakura―
Jan.04, 2013 Sumitomo Forestry to Launch New Smart Kodachi Home
Featuring Solar Power Systems on All 388 Floor Plans


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