News Releases 2018

Dec.20,2018 Completion of Frame Erection for New Research Building at Tsukuba Research Institute Research Base for W350 Plan and the Scientific Study of WoodPDF
Nov.08,2018 Financial Results for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2019
Nov.07,2018 Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal, and Fighting Spirit Awards All seven participants receive awards in the Carpentry Category at the 56th National Skills Competition PDF
Oct.30,2018 Notice regarding Change of a second-generation subsidiary into Specific Subsidiary following a capital contribution in-kind from a Consolidated Subsidiary (Capital Increase) PDF
Sep.18,2018 Selected for Inclusion in Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index, a Global ESG Investment Equity Index PDF
Sep.11,2018 Notice of Determination of Issuance Terms and Conditions etc. of Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds Due 2023 PDF
Sep.11,2018 Notice of Issuance of Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds (Green CBs) Due 2023PDF
Aug.17,2018 Sumitomo Forestry Acquires a US Land Development Company Providing Land to the Top 10 Builders in the Northwest Region of South CarolinaPDF
Aug.15,2018 Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target has been officially approved by SBTi Goal to reduce group's overall greenhouse gas emissions 21% by 2030PDF
Jul.31,2018 Financial Results for the First Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2019
Jul.20,2018 Notice Concerning Completion of Pay-In for New Shares for Remuneration by Shares with Restriction on TransferPDF
Jul.06,2018 Climate Change Network Organization Participation in Japan Climate InitiativePDF
Jul.05,2018 Second Real Estate Development Project in Thailand Luxury Condominium on the Riverside in Urban AreaPDF
Jul.03,2018 Grand Opening of Forestay Shinsaibashi, First Vacation Rental Property for Sumitomo ForestryPDF
Jun.29,2018 Notice Concerning Issuance of New Shares for Remuneration by Shares with Restriction on TransferPDF
Jun.26,2018 Equity Participation in Kanda Biomass Energy Generating approximately 168,000 households' worth of electricity from June 2021PDF
Jun.22,2018 Notice of Resolutions of the 78th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
Jun.22,2018 Notice Concerning Converted Price Adjustment of Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds Due 2018PDF
Jun.19,2018 Establishment of a New Company for Wood Pellets for Power Generation Fuel Leveraging Domestic Unused timber from Forests for Power Generation Fuel PDF
May.29,2018 Notice of Convocation of the 78th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
May.29,2018 Matters Available on the website in relation to the Notice of Convocation of the 78th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
May.22,2018 Start of Collaboration with Kumagai Gumi Group in Building Renovation Improving Building Asset Value of Shops, Facilities, etc. PDF
May.11,2018 Financial results of fiscal year ended March 31, 2018
May.11,2018 Notice Concerning Introduction of Remuneration Plan for Shares with Restriction on Transfer PDF
Apr.27,2018 Notice regarding Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.'s acquisition of membership interests in Crescent Communities, LLC (U.S.) and consolidation of it and the change of specific subsidiaryPDF
Apr.26,2018 Rare JAPANESE OAK Interior Materials Released for Sale
Warmth of Timber Surface that Improves with Use
Apr.13,2018 Taking Charge of Building Repair and Landscaping at Shorinan of Ninna-ji Head TemplePDF
Apr.04,2018 Natural Park Business Agreement Concluded with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
for an Ecosystem Survey of 10 Parks to Enhance Transmission of their Appeal
Apr.02,2018 Hachinohe Biomass Power Generation Commencement of Operations
Powering approximately 27,000 households using unused wood materials from local forestlands
Mar.30,2018 Notice Concerning Merger of Consolidated SubsidiariesPDF
Mar.30,2018 Support for Construction of Temple Schools in Myanmar Temple School No. 4 Completed by the Myanmar Temple School Support Team PDF
Mar.28,2018 Sumitomo Forestry's Housing Division Registered as a Type 2 Timber-related Operator under the Clean Wood Act PDF
Feb.28,2018 Notice of Issuance of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Series Domestic Unsecured Straight BondsPDF
Feb.20,2018 Selected as a "Health and Productivity Stock Selection 2018"Also selected as a "2018 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization"PDF
Feb.09,2018 Recognized by RobecoSAM for Excellence in Sustainability PerformancePDF
Feb.08,2018 New Development Concept W350 Plan for Wooden High-Rise BuildingPDF
Feb.08,2018 New Development Concept W350 Plan for Wooden High-Rise Building  ▶Click here to find the concept movie
Jan.30,2018 Financial Results for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2018


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