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Developing and Supplying Products that Meet the Needs of Our Chinese Customers

Wooden detached spec homes in Yangzhou

The interior of a hotel

The trend in homes in China is toward those with finished interior, whereas in the past the mainstream practice has been to deliver homes in a skeleton state to allow owners to do the interior finishing the way they like. Since entering the 2x4 wood house business in China in 2004, we have engaged in the design and construction of detached houses and the interior finishing of homes, condos and offices mostly in the suburbs of Shanghai. And in September 2015, jointly with Mitsui & Company, we acquired a stake in Beijing 金隅装飾工程有限公司, a subsidiary of Beijing 金隅装飾工程有限公司 of China.Drawing on our experience, we will introduce Japanese design and construction knowhow that suits Chinese lifestyles in creating comfortable and safe homes that are also space-saving and ecological.

Meanwhile, at Dalian 住林信息技術服務有限公司 (Dalian ITS) we are involved in CAD design and some other operations for our home business in Japan, Australia and China.

We thus provide total support for home building in China at our facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Shenyang.

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