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Strengthening Business Development in North America through the Addition of a New Manufacturing Company

Wooden cabinets

In 2011, Sumitomo Forestry welcomed wooden cabinet manufacturing and sales specialist, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company to its consolidated Group network as part of an initiative to bolster its North American business.

In North America, designers play an important role in creating custom layouts and specifications for kitchen cabinets. Canyon Creek boasts its own team of in-house designers to manufacture a wide range of cabinets. Located in Washington State, the company has a strong presence in the North American cabinet industry.

Moving forward, Canyon Creek will strengthen its business in North America through expanding into the manufacture of other types of building materials and timber products, and increasing the areas where it supplies cabinets.

Development of Housing and Real Estate Business in the U.S.

Spec homes in MainVue

Spec homes in Gehen Homes

Sumitomo Forestry entered the U.S. housing market—the biggest in the world—in 2003. Initially, it provided single family homes in Seattle, Washington, which was its base for distribution of timber and building materials for more than fifty years.Sumitomo Forestry accumulated knowledge and know-how in the housing business by acquiring shares in local leading builder companies and valuing America's unique housing customs, environment, and building methods.At present, Sumitomo Forestry expanded its housing business to 10 States, including Texas, Utah, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Furthermore, in 2018, Sumitomo Forestry acquired equity interests of a general real estate company, Crescent Communities (headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina), which develops multi-family housing, commercial and mixed use complexes in nine other states with a high employment growth rate as well as Washington D.C.. Sumitomo Forestry also acquired shares of a land development business, Mark III Properties (in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina), which further expanded Sumitomo Forestry's business.These acquisitions helped us establish a more stable and diverse revenue base in the U.S.

Sumitomo Forestry's housing and real estate business in the U.S. will continue to create synergies such as sharing of architectural and design expertise, joint purchases of materials, and business integration, by building on the foundation of trust and partnership, which we have established with each partner by sharing our management policy and business philosophy.Additionally, Sumitomo Forestry will aim for further business expansion and development by providing housing and communities that best fit each area as it strives to improve housing quality and design.

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