New Wood Pellet Company Established to Use Unused Forest Resource for Electric Power Generation Fuel

Forests are approaching the cutting cycle throughout Japan while the challenge is the cycle of these forests from harvest through use and reforestation. Encouraging further use of forests from use of unused forest resource to other wood resources helps realize a sustainable society.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group leverages the wood procurement network throughout the entire Group. This led to a joint venture with the Electric Power Development Company to establish a manufacturing and sales company for wood pellets*1 in July 2018. The new company aims for use of unused forest resource from forests in Japan*2 as fuel for power generation in addition to examining the largest wood pellet supply system in Japan for the purpose of commercialization by 2021. Proper management of forests and a stable supply of domestic timber secure sources for sustainable wood resources.

Forests have a variety of public welfare benefits from the production of timber to the cultivation of groundwater, the prevention of sediment run-off and absorption of carbon dioxide. Through these efforts, Sumitomo Forestry and Electric Power Development Company promote domestic reforestation and regional revitalization as well as sustain and conserve the social welfare functions of forests by using unused forest resource as renewable energy.

*1 Wood ground, dried and compressed into a pellet form

*2 Unused wood biomass generated from logging or thinning of standing trees in forests

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Production with Consideration for Environmental Conservation

Japan Bio Energy Co., Ltd. Recognized as Superior Industrial Waste Disposal Operator

Japan Bio Energy Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells wood biomass chips, was recognized as a superior industrial waste disposal operator in May 2016 by Kawasaki City.

The system to recognize superior industrial waste disposal operators evaluates and certifies superior industrial waste disposal operators through the prefecture or city. In order to receive this recognition, the business must satisfy a full set of criteria including legal compliance, business transparency, efforts in environmental friendliness, and a healthy financial strength. The validity of certification in industrial waste disposal is extended from five to seven years by receiving recognition through this system.

Rovander Foundation Filler Made with Incineration Ash, Has Been Certified As a Hokkaido Government-Certified Recycled Product

At Mombetsu Biomass Electric Power Co., Ltd., incinerator ash emitted by the biomass boiler is used to manufacture foundation fill material (product name “Rovander”) for forest roads. This environmentally-friendly product is aimed at building a cyclical operation in which the amount of waste is controlled, reducing environmental impact by helping maintain forests using a by-product of power generated with timber resources.

In addition, Rovander has been recognized as meeting environmental safety standards, and is a Hokkaido Government-certified Recycled Product.

The Hokkaido Government-certified Recycled Product mark

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