HIGHLIGHT 4 The Power of Greenery in Elevating the Value of Communities and Living

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on the various effects and benefits of greenery. Incorporating greenery in real estate enhances value. We want to build lifestyles and communities that are enriched through coexistence with nature and link this with people’s health. Sumitomo Forestry Group is challenging itself to create new greenery value in houses, office buildings and entire neighborhoods with a view to sustainability.

Creating Communities – What are We Seeking?

With growing concerns about climate change and other environmental issues, and with low birthrates, an aging society and changes in work style, our societal environment and lifestyles are undergoing tremendous change. This is resulting in renewed interest in the value of creating greenery in our communities. By harmonizing greenery with buildings and spaces, we enhance the value of not only the buildings themselves, but the surrounding areas as well. With worries about changes in climate and societal structures forecasted to grow in the years ahead, we must envision how we wish our lives to be over the next several decades. We believe community planning needs this type of long-term perspective.

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Comprehensive Environmental Real Estate Born from Collaboration

Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping, which plays a central role in Sumitomo Forestry Group’s greening business, has a business and capital alliance with Kumagai Group, major construction company. The two companies are working together from the planning and design stages to create environmental real estate that utilizes greenery needed for a sustainable society. To measure the companies’ contributions to the region and environment, six quantitative targets have been set. However, to avoid overreliance on indices and numbers, we are also planning and designing with an emphasis on the added value to the people who use the space, the community and society as a whole.

Six Indices for the Greening of Environmental Real Estate

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A High-Rise Japanese Garden That Conveys the Beauty of Nature and Harmony

One example of an environmental real estate project that Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping designed is Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo that opened in the Yaesu Hatchobori area of Tokyo in July 2020. The hotel’s concept is to present the multiple aspects of Japan’s beauty. On the very top floor is a Japanese garden for guests to experience a spiritual, Japanese-style, sophisticated calm despite being in the middle of the Tokyo business district. By using shishiodoshi (water-filled bamboo tubes that clack against stones when emptied to frighten wild), water basins and other waterscape devices, by planting trees that respond to the change in seasons, Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping carefully designed and constructed a space that conveyed the beauty of nature and Japanese culture through the five senses. It harnessed its experience and technology to secure trees both below and above ground, to consider load limits and rain and wind conditions of high-rise buildings, and to commit to planting native species.

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Message from the Hotel Management

Just as our name indicates, Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo seeks to represent the multi-layered beauty of Japan with its emerald-like sophisticated space and services. That is why I love that the first thing guests see when they enter our hotel is a Japanese garden located across the front lobby on the uppermost floor. This Japanese garden, with a view of Tokyo as a backdrop, is as beautiful as a painting. Here we hope our customers are stirred emotionally and feel something out of the ordinary. To have our guests enjoy the garden, we proactively invite them to the veranda. We hope the murmur of the stream, the scent of the flowers and other aspects of the garden that can be enjoyed with the five senses will give our guests a sense of calm. Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping helped realize this by providing advice from many different perspectives. While there were construction challenges along the way, I am grateful that they successfully realized our vision.

Tomomi Takahashi,
general manager,
Hotel Yaenomidori Tokyo

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With an Aim to Create Greater Value for Society

People who use offices, residential areas, hospitals, hotels or other types of spaces seek greenery for different reasons. At Sumitomo Forestry Group, we create greenery with a purpose, such as a place to re-energize during work, to enrich biodiversity, or a variety of other needs. We will continue to keep abreast of societal changes and try to contribute to SDGs and the resolution of a wide variety of other societal issues. To do so, we will try to quantify the effects of greenery in terms of reducing temperature increase, promote proposals for acquiring environmental certifications and disseminate more widely the value that greening provides to society.

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Sustainability Report