Social Report

Human Rights

Human Rights Initiatives

Reports on the policy regarding respect for human rights and on efforts for employee training.

Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Reports on the policy for occupational health and safety and on the initiatives in each business.

Work-Life Balance

Reports on the policy regarding the ways employees work and on childcare and nursing care support systems.

Employment and Human Resources Development

Fair Employment and Benefits

Reports on the policy for employment and treatment of employees and on systems for employing persons with disabilities and re-employing resignees.

Human Resources Development

Reports on the policy for human resources education and career support and on career support systems.

Communication with Employees

Reports on the policy and initiatives regarding communication with employees.

Social Contribution

Promotion of Social Contribution Activities

Reports on the policy for social contribution activities, the volunteer leave program and expenditure.

Examples of Social Contribution Activities in Japan

Reports on examples of activities related to areas including the environment and education.

Examples of Overseas Community Development and Regional Contribution Activities

Reports on examples of overseas activities related to areas including regional development, medical care and education.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Reports the acquisition status of quality-related certifications.

Social Data

Social Data

Lists a variety of employee-related data.

Sustainability Report