Basic Policy

Sumitomo Forestry strives to create an environment that facilitates free and vigorous expression as well as an exchange of opinions by employees so that they can perform their responsibilities with vigor, integrity and consideration for others. The Company wants each and every employee to grow within a corporate culture of respect for individual employees, and fair evaluation of accomplishments and efforts.

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Communication in Employee Evaluation and Job Execution

Sumitomo Forestry has a policy of providing all employees feedback on their evaluation results, with the main objective of nurturing and developing human resources through employee evaluations. Meetings between individual employees and supervisors must be held once every six months, providing an opportunity to set targets and receive an explanation of evaluation results.

In fiscal 2019, the multi-faceted evaluation system (360 Degree Evaluation) was conducted for management employees in charge of organizational management. This program helps raise awareness and increase management skills to the person under evaluation and provides reference for superiors to guide and evaluate each individual to their direct supervisor by providing feedback of evaluation results.

The evaluation results are utilized for measures in future personnel systems.

Sumitomo Forestry also recognizes the continuous service of employees who have worked for 10 and 20 years to thank them for their contributions to the company over so many years. In addition, the Personnel Department conducts direct self-report hearings of all employees once a year to ascertain opinions on jobs and workplaces, transfer requests and family circumstances, among other matters.

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Casual Discussion

Casual Discussions have been held on a regular basis since 2007 as a platform for discussion between the President and employees, with an aim of facilitating new ideas for the Sumitomo Forestry Group.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group held two dialogues by recruiting participants from Group companies in fiscal 2019. The initial dialogue was held for the first time in Hiroshima Prefecture. This event brought together employees working in the same region to share their ideas about how to energize their local area (territory). The second dialogue discussed stepping up to challenges, participated by employees that utilized the programs offered by the company and are now actively taking part in new fields. Both dialogues provided an exchange of ideas and sharing their actual experience. This act is an opportunity for face-to-face dialogue between management and employees, and we plan to continue organizing this discussion in fiscal 2020.

Casual Discussion

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Sumitomo Forestry conducted the nineth employee satisfaction survey between August and September 2019.

The survey asked 86 different questions in ten categories: work, work load, workplace, supervisor, evaluation/treatment/skill development, career, management and vision, customer first, compliance, and satisfaction.

The questionnaire targeted 5,108 full-time and partner employees with a response rate of 95.3%.

As a result of the survey, 78.8% of employees answered either "absolutely” or “yes, if I have to choose” when asked whether they were satisfied working for Sumitomo Forestry. Every year, employee satisfaction improves in matters related to paid leave taken, promotion of women’s active participation in the workplace and diversity, which clearly shows the effect of work-style reform initiatives. To improve the level of satisfaction even more, we discovered the importance of employees feeling more motivated than ever before about their jobs in addition to the need for more active workplace communication.

Furthermore, this survey was also jointly conducted at 24 consolidated Group companies in Japan and Sumitomo Forestry in fiscal 2019. The questionnaire targeted 11,906 full-time and fixed-term employees (including some part-time employees) with a response rate of 91.0%.

This employee satisfaction survey had been conducted every other year up until now, but Sumitomo Forestry plans to introduce it as an annual survey throughout all consolidated Group companies in Japan to understand yearly changes.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Response Rate (Sumitomo Forestry)

Employee Satisfaction Survey Trends (Sumitomo Forestry)

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Relationship with Labor Unions

Membership rate in
labor unions

All of the eligible employees at Sumitomo Forestry (3,734 people) have joined the labor union as of April 1, 2020. Within the labor agreement completed between the Company and the Sumitomo Forestry Labor Union, the Company recognizes the Labor Union's right to freely engage in activities and to collective bargaining, and promises to guarantee the stable livelihoods of labor-union members, and to maintain and improve labor conditions by establishing meetings with management comprised of both labor and management members.

In fiscal 2019, joint labor-management discussions were held on 21 occasions, and following on from fiscal 2018, consideration was given to measures for reducing long working hours and innovating work styles.

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Sustainability Report