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We support the development of a sustainable society through businesses that leverage forests and wood.

Sep.1, 2016
"Gran Forest Gakugei Daigaku" Private-pay Elderly Care Facility to OpenPDF
Apr.8, 2016
Initiative to Protect our Precious Trees: Success in Propagating Sapling Using Tissue Culture from Sacred "Kitano Sakura" Cherry Tree, Follows on from Last Year's "Beniwa Kombai" Plum Tree ProjectPDF
Apr.7, 2016
Establishing a New Private-pay Elderly Care Facility "Gran Forest Tokiwadai"PDF
Mar.25, 2016
Harappa to Open on April 2 as a Facility for Invigorating the Higashimatsushima AreaPDF
Mar.25, 2016
Towards Regional Revitalization via Invigoration of ForestryPDF
Mar.17, 2016
Sumitomo Forestry Granted "Nadeshiko Brand" Designation for FY2015PDF
Mar.4, 2016
Joint Development of Exterior Panels for Toyota's Concept Car Utilizing Wood Display at Milan Design Week 2016PDF
Feb.27, 2016
Returning Ebayamazakura Propagated Via Tissue Culture Back to HiroshimaPDF
Feb.19, 2016
Vina Eco Board Co., Ltd. Attains JIS Mark CertificationPDF
Feb.15, 2016
Construction begins on evacuation facilities in Higashimatsushima CityPDF
Jan.29, 2016
Selected by RobecoSAM for Excellence in Sustainability Performance Selected for "Bronze Class" in the Homebuilding Industry CategoryPDF
Jan.22, 2016
Selected as a "Health and Productivity Stock Selection 2016" A corporation with outstanding "health and productivity"PDF
Dec.14, 2015
Two Employees Win Silver Medals in the Carpentry Category at the 53rd National Skills Competition!PDF
Dec.11, 2015
Awarded the Japan Wood Design Award 2015 Proposals that enrich homes and the lives of occupants through experiencing the benefit and value of woodPDF
Nov.16, 2015
Project to Promote Shichigahamamachi (Miyagi Prefecture) Construction of an attractive roasted seaweed processing facility as a symbol of the emerging new industryPDF
Nov.5, 2015
Selected for Listing on the CDP 2015 CDLI as the Top Scoring Japanese Company for the Third Successive YearPDF
Nov.2, 2015
Passed technical evaluation by the Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association Development of Seismic Retrofitting Method Using Existing Mortar External Walls Reducing the burden of retrofitting by allowing renovation without moving outPDF
Oct.13, 2015
Commenced Construction of the Kansai Guide Dogs for the Blind Association Training Center Birth of a Wooden Training CenterPDF
Oct.7, 2015
Commencing Timber & Building Material Business in the Republic of IndiaPDF
Sep.29, 2015
The First Real Estate Development in Vietnam's Phu My Hung Area by Japanese CompaniesPDF
Sep.17, 2015
Housing Development Subdivision Launched in AustraliaPDF
Sep.15, 2015
Equity Participation in Residential Interior Decoration Business in ChinaPDF
Aug.5, 2015
Sumitomo Forestry Participates in "Satoyama Maniwa Forest Development Project" in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture to Achieve
Regional Revitalization through Revitalization of Forests and Forestry
Jul.31, 2015
Sumitomo Forestry Group Publishes CSR Report 2015 and Posts to WebsitePDF
Jul.15, 2015
Sumitomo Forestry Commences House Cleaning BusinessPDF
Jun.26, 2015
New Experimental House with Large Multi-purpose Furnace Built at Tsukuba Research InstitutePDF
Jun.25, 2015
Henley Properties Group Honored As Australia's No.1 Home Builder!PDF