Lifestyle Services Business

In addition to comfortable homes, Sumitomo Forestry provides a wide range of lifestyle services, including operation of nursing homes with special care facilities, the manufacture and sale of agricultural products, and insurance services. We continually strive to create new services which contribute to a higher quality of life.

Creating Diverse Services to Support Peoples' Lifestyles

Production and sale of gardening materials

Tomatoes grown using the "bag culture" cultivation system

Takinomiya Country Club golf course

In the lifestyle services area, we are maximizing the management resources of the entire Sumitomo Forestry Group to provide new services which raise the quality of life, while expanding and energizing our business realm.

Sumirin Fill Care Co., Ltd., for example, provides private-pay elderly care facilities to meet the needs of Japan's "super-ageing" society. Operated under the motto of "warm nursing care in a family-like environment," the company continually strives to enhance the quality of its nursing services.

Sumirin Agro-Products Co., Ltd., meanwhile, produces and sells nursery composts and vegetable seedlings, and has tied up with Sumitomo Forestry's Tsukuba Research Institute to develop a cutting-edge "bag culture" cultivation system. This system makes it possible to cultivate agricultural products easily on land which previously could not grow products because of soil problems. This innovative system also helps to optimize the use of local resources by adopting unused resources for fertilizer.

Sumirin Enterprises Co., ltd. offers Sumitomo Forestry Group customers and business partners customized insurance and lease products. Kawanokita Development Co., Ltd., meanwhile, manages the Takinomiya Country Club golf course in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture.

We will continue to create new services which respond to changing lifestyle needs and leverage the Group's network.