Directors and Exective Officers

As of June 23, 2017


Chairman of the Board and
Representative Director
Ryu Yano
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President and
Representative Director
Akira Ichikawa
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Representative Director Hitoshi Hayano
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Shigeru Sasabe
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Director Ken Wada
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Tatsuru Satoh
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Akihisa Fukuda
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Toshiro Mitsuyoshi
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Director (outside) Junko Hirakawa
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Attorney at Law admitted in Japan and New York, Partner of City-Yuwa Partners
Izumi Yamashita
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Statutory Auditors(5)

Statutory Auditor (full time) Hidekazu Tanaka  
Noriaki Toi  
Statutory Auditor(outside) Satoshi Teramoto Certified Public Accountant
Katsuhide Kurasaka Senior Advisor of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Yoshitsugu Minagawa

Executive Officers(20)

President and Executive Officer Akira Ichikawa
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer Hitoshi Hayano In charge of Secretarial, Corporate Communications, CSR
Shigeru Sasabe Divisional Manager of Overseas Business Division
Senior Managing Executive Officer Ken Wada In charge of TOP (Tokyo Olympics Paralympics)2020,and Environment and Resources Division, also overseeing Lifestyle Service Division
Tatsuru Satoh In charge of General Administration,Personnel, Information,
Systems,Intellectual Property, Internal Audit,Tsukuba Research Institutel,
and Corporate Planning, Finance
Managing Executive Officer Akihisa Fukuda Divisional Manager of Timber & Building
Materials Division
Toshiro Mitsuyoshi In charge of Tohoku Reconstruction Support, and Divisional Manager of Housing Division
  Kunihiko Takagiri President /Director of Sumitomo Forestry Residential Co., Ltd.
  Akira Sekimoto Divisional Manager of Environment and Resources Division
  Kanpei Tokunaga President /Director of Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Co., Ltd.
  Tatsumi Kawata In charg of Corporate Planning, Finance, and General Manager of Corporate Planning
  Atsushi Kawamura In charg of North American Business, and Deputy Divisional Manager of Overseas Business Division
Executive Officer   Ryoji Machino President Dirctor of Sumitomo Forestry Crest Co., Ltd.
  Masayuki Tabuse Deputy Divisional Manager of Timber and Building Materials Division
  Akio Numazaki Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Co., Ltd.
  Nobuyuki Katayama Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
of Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Co., Ltd.
  Soichiro Kitamura Deputy Divisional Manager of Overseas Business
Division, and General Manager of Overseas Manufacturing Department
  Junko Saishu In charge of Working-style Reform and Women's Empowerment and Workstyle Diversification Department
  Takahisa Higaki Divisional Manager of Lifestyle Service Division
  Koichi Shimizu General Manager of Information Systems Department

※ Doubles as Director and Executive Officer