Sumitomo Forestry Group Declaration on Empowering Women

Sumitomo Forestry Group Declaration on Empowering Women

Sumitomo Forestry Group is committed to creating "an open and inclusive corporate culture that values diversity," as set out in its Action Guideline. We believe a diverse workforce and a business strategy developed from a wide range of ideas is important for the Company. As part of this effort, we are striving to promote the participation of women in the belief that this will meet the social needs and significantly contribute to increased corporate value.

By expanding opportunities for women and by leveraging the creative power of women, we will integrate a diverse range of values that will spur innovation and enhance corporate value.

  1. We will create a positive work environment for women
    In Japan, with a falling birthrate and aging population, worker population is projected to decline. By utilizing a workforce made up of individuals without regard to values, age, gender, nationality or disability, and by respecting the individual lifestyles of each and every female employee, we are working to create an open corporate culture and positive working environment where everyone can gain a sense of fulfillment in their work.
  2. We will leverage women's unique creative powers
    Women's success in business is gaining prominence, such as with companies that utilize the perspective and creative powers of women to develop new products and services. In all business sectors, Sumitomo Forestry is striving to nurture the culture and processes that will harness women's unique creative powers and create new value.
  3. We will spur innovation through the participation of women
    Lively interaction among employees of different values, ages, gender, nationalities and other qualities leads to new ideas. Expanding work opportunities for women employees, in particular, spurs innovation in all areas, from sales and marketing to product development, business strategy and operational efficiencies.

President/Representative Director
Toshiro Mitsuyoshi