Message from the president

Message from the president

To Our Stakeholders

At Sumitomo Forestry, we have continued to grow alongside the times while properly addressing the needs of our customers.

We have launched initiatives to create new businesses that support the future of our group and sustain growth under the Sumitomo Forestry Group’s 2021 Medium-Term Management Plan, a three-year medium-term vision that began in April 2019. We are taking steps toward the next stage of growth by proceeding with strengthening earnings structures and building a stable financial base.

Based on the Large-Scale Reforestation Plan formulated in 1894 which worked on the restoration of the devastated forests, our Group's businesses have been undertaking the initiatives that aim to coexist with the environment and society as a matter of course before the word “ESG” even existed.

Today, the entire Group engages in sustainability management, and under the 2021 Medium-Term Management Plan, we are focusing on the unification between ESG initiatives and our businesses as one of the basic policies underpinning our growth strategy.

We aim to build a sustainable society and become a presence that is indispensable in that society people living. Through our business activities, we are proactively working to solve the increasingly diverse issues facing the environment and society. We appreciate the continued understanding and support of all stakeholders.