News Releases 2012

Dec.06, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry’s MOCCA Department Receives
Construction Order for Wood-frame Child-care Facility
―Fostering Promotion of Wooden Construction and Use of Timber
in Non-residential Building―
Nov.20, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Starts Development of
a concept garden called Hagukumi
―Featuring a Variety of Stimulating Design Elements to Engage the Five Senses and
Promote Physical Engagement for Healthy Growth―
Nov.19, 2012 Acquisition of MLIT Certification for
Semi-fireproof Two-by-Four Construction
Nov.09, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Home Engineering Employees Win
Silver & Bronze Medals and the Fighting-Spirit Award
in Carpentry at 50th National Skills Competition
Nov.02, 2012 Financial Results for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March, 2013
Oct.29, 2012 Net Zero-Energy House—Economical and Contributes to the Environment
INOS Group Launches Conceptual Housing Product
Oct.09, 2012 Towards Zero Emissions in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Sumitomo Forestry Commences Full-scale Operation of the
Capital Area Recycling Center for Industrial Waste Treatment
Oct.05, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry to Launch of the new
Forest Maison Rental Home
―Refreshing the Line-up of Rental Home Products to Boost Urban Sales Structure―
Oct.05, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry to Launch New Big-Frame Construction
Method with Wooden Beam Rahmen Structure
―Improved Earthquake Resistance and Greater Design Flexibility―
Oct.02, 2012 Mocca Hut, Lattice Panels, Harmonic Plants
Sumitomo Forestry Group Receives the Good Design Award 2012
— Pursuing the Charm and Potential of Wood for Innovative Housing That Is Eco-friendly and Reassuring —
Sep.21, 2012 Taking out SMBC Business Continuity Assessment Loan
—High rating for diverse business continuity initiatives—
Sep.20, 2012 Promoting Efficient Forest Maintenance through Collaboration between National Forests and Privately-owned ForestsPDF
Sep.19, 2012 Using sophisticated wood structure technologies—the science of wood
Three Sumitomo Forestry-related Buildings Selected among MLIT’s Leading Projects for Wood Construction Technology
Sep.13, 2012 Aiming for Safe and Secure House Development
Beginning of Field Tests to Verify Construction Methods to Cope
with Liquefaction as Commissioned by the City of Urayasu
Aug.31, 2012 Organizational Changes and Personnel TransfersPDF
Aug.28, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Acquires MLIT Certification for Semi-fireproof Wooden ConstructionPDF
Aug.24, 2012 Additional Report on Non-conformities with
MLIT Certified Construction Specifications
Aug.16, 2012 Additional Report on Non-conformities with
MLIT Certified Construction Specifications
Aug.10, 2012 Indication Received from MLIT Regarding Building Standards Act ViolationPDF
Jul.31, 2012 Financial Results for the First Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2013PDF
Jul.31, 2012 Announcing the Release of the Sumitomo Forestry CSR Report 2012
—Introducing sustainable measures in Japan and abroad—
Jul.13, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Ties Reconstruction Agreement with Higashimatsushima City
To Serve as Partner Promoting ‘Timber-based’ City Development
Jul.05, 2012 Notice Concerning Establishment of Overseas SubsidiaryPDF
Jul.02, 2012 A housing builder first!*1 A home that can power a home from an electric vehicle
Launching New Smart Solabo, which Proposes Efficient Energy Use
Jun.29, 2012 Notice on the Outcome of the Voting by Shareholders with Voting Rights at the 72nd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
Jun.26, 2012 Selected by Ministry of the Environment to Run Feasibility Study for Bilateral Offset Credit Program
— REDD+ through forest management practices and biomass power generation
using timber waste in Vietnam—
Jun.22, 2012 Notice of Resolutions of the 72nd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
Jun.15, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Group Subsidiary Wins Awards for Energy Efficiency
New Zealand Building Materials Manufacturing Company Wins
in 2 Categories at 2012 EECA Awards
Jun.01, 2012 Notice Concerning Establishment of Overseas SubsidiaryPDF
May.31, 2012 Notice of the 72nd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
May.31, 2012 Matters Available on the website in relation to Notice of the 72nd Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
May.18, 2012 Japan’s largest mass production, protected cultivation facility for forestry seedlings!
—Launch Environment-controlled Seedling Production Facility—
Aiming to stimulate Japan’s forestry industry via modernization of seedling production
May.16, 2012 Commercial Particle Board Production to Commence in Vietnam
Vina Eco Board Holds Opening Ceremony
May.01, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Chairman Ryu Yano Awarded New Zealand Order of MeritPDF
Apr.27, 2012 Ranked Highest in DBJ Environmental Ratings Loan Program
Sumitomo Forestry is Commended as the Leading Model Case
Apr.25, 2012 —Ninna-ji Temple, Research Project—
Succeeded in Propagating Weeping Cherry Tree Seedlings Using Tissue Culture
Possible new variety to be christened “Yodozakura,” after the 49th head priest of Ninna-ji
Apr.10, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Renovating Homes into Smart Houses
Smart Reforest Launched
Improving building performance through earthquake resistance and insulation, while simultaneously offering a system to visibly track energy usage to help save energy
Mar.27, 2012 —Homes where parents and children live together, while retaining a comfortable distance—
Launch of INOS Group Conceptual Product, YORiSOI
Townhouse style home with a free space within the structure where the two families can connect
Mar.15, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry Group Announces Declaration of Biodiversity
Biodiversity Long-Term Targets Set in Line with Aichi Biodiversity Targets
Mar.02, 2012 Sumitomo Forestry “Project EARTH” Environmental Initiative
Wins Encouragement Award at the First Carbon Offset Award
Reforestation Project on Degraded Land in Indonesia
Equal to Twice the Floor Area of Houses Built
Feb.28, 2012 Notice Concerning Organizational ReformsPDF
Feb.21, 2012 —Ninna-ji Temple, Omurozakura Research Project—
Omurozakura—Launch Trial Planting of Tissue Culture Seedlings
Feb.03, 2012 High-performance, durable, high-capacity fixed residential storage battery systems are standard
Sumitomo Forestry Rolls out Smart Solabo Smart House
—Wooden houses that smartly use energy—
Feb.03, 2012 Fitted as Standard with High-Performance, Long-Life, High-Capacity Fixed Residential Storage Battery System
Sumitomo Forestry Launches New Smart Solabo House
Wooden House That Makes Smart Use of Energy
Jan.31, 2012 Notice Concerning Extraordinary Loss Relating to Fixed Asset Value ImpairmentPDF
Jan.31, 2012 Notice Concerning Absorption Merger
(Short-Form Merger) with Consolidated Subsidiary
Jan.30, 2012 First Development of Android Tablet Application in Housing Industry
Sumitomo Forestry Rolls Out Proprietary Tablet-Based Sales Tool
Enhancing Communication with Customers at Sales Sites
Jan.12, 2012 NTT Urban Development and Sumitomo Forestry Group
Establish Joint-Venture Real-Estate Company
Expanding the Residential Lot Subdivision Business in Australia


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