News Releases 2016

Dec.19,2016 Sumitomo Forestry's First Timber Elementary School Building Completion of Miyanomori Elementary School in Higashimatsushima CityPDF
Dec.01,2016 Launch of One of Japan's Largest*1 Scale 50MW Biomass Power Plants
Mombetsu Biomass Power Plant Commencement of Operations
Nov.30,2016 Support for Construction of Temple Schools in Myanmar
Opening Ceremony for Temple School No. 3,
Completed by the Myanmar Temple School Support Team
Oct.28,2016 Simulating Your Future Home in the "Year of VR"
VR System in Showrooms
-- Fun and Simple Sensory Housing Development --
Oct.26,2016 Sumitomo Forestry Makes the CDP 2016 Climate A List, the Highest Rating of the CDP Climate Change ReportPDF
Sep.01,2016 "Gran Forest Gakugei Daigaku" Private-pay Elderly Care Facility to OpenPDF
Aug.19,2016 Notice on Final Details of Issuance of Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)PDF
Jul.29,2016 Notice Concerning Issuance of Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)PDF
Jul.29,2016 Sumitomo Forestry Acquires Equity Interest in Australian Homebuilder PDF
Jul.05,2016 Sumitomo Forestry Completes Purchase of Timberlands and Related Assets in New ZealandPDF
Jul.04,2016 Australian Real Estate Development Project Engagement in Development of Condominiums and Commercial Facilities in SydneyPDF
Jun.24,2016 Notice Concerning Converted Price Adjustment of Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds Due 2018PDF
Jun.24,2016 Notice of Resolutions of the 76th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
Jun.23,2016 Sumitomo Forestry to Participate and Exhibit at House Vision 2016 Tokyo ExhibitionPDF
Jun.10,2016 Notice of Issuance of Third Series Domestic Unsecured Straight BondsPDF
May.31,2016 Notice of Convocation of the 76th Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
May.31,2016 Matters Available on the website in relation to the Notice of Convocation of the 76th Ordinary General Meeting of ShareholdersPDF
May.26,2016 Leading the Renewable Energy Industry Sumitomo Forestry's Strategic Investment into and Alliance with RENOVAPDF
May.12,2016 Sumitomo Forestry Group 2018 Medium-Term Management Plan Promoting reform for a new stagePDF
May.12,2016 Financial results of fiscal year ended March 31, 2016
May.10,2016 Commencement of Cooperation with Kumon Institute of Education to Build Houses with Kumon CentersPDF
May.02,2016 Sumitomo Forestry Acquires Additional Equity Interest in Gehan Homes Group to Create Wholly-owned SubsidiaryPDF
Apr.20,2016 Announcement of Amendment to Forecast of Financial ResultsPDF
Apr.20,2016 "Forest Garden Hadano" Completed in Hadano City, Kanagawa Combined strength of Sumitomo Forestry Group achieves coexistencePDF
Apr.08,2016 Initiative to Protect our Precious Trees: Success in Propagating Sapling Using Tissue Culture from Sacred "Kitano Sakura" Cherry Tree, Follows on from Last Year's "Beniwa Kombai" Plum Tree ProjectPDF
Apr.07,2016 Establishing a New Private-pay Elderly Care Facility "Gran Forest Tokiwadai"PDF
Mar.25,2016 Harappa to Open on April 2 as a Facility for Invigorating the
Higashimatsushima Area
Mar.25,2016 Towards Regional Revitalization via Invigoration of ForestryPDF
Mar.17,2016 Sumitomo Forestry Granted "Nadeshiko Brand" Designation for FY2015PDF
Mar.04,2016 Joint Development of Exterior Panels for Toyota's Concept Car Utilizing Wood Display at Milan Design Week 2016PDF
Feb.29,2016 Revisions to Organizational StructurePDF
Feb.29,2016 Announcement concerning Change in Representative DirectorPDF
Feb.27,2016 Returning Ebayamazakura Propagated Via Tissue Culture Back to HiroshimaPDF
Feb.19,2016 Vina Eco Board Co., Ltd. Attains JIS Mark CertificationPDF
Feb.15,2016 Construction begins on evacuation facilities in Higashimatsushima CityPDF
Jan.29,2016 Selected by RobecoSAM for Excellence in Sustainability Performance Selected for "Bronze Class" in the Homebuilding Industry CategoryPDF
Jan.22,2016 Selected as a "Health and Productivity Stock Selection 2016" A corporation with outstanding "health and productivity"PDF
Jan.07,2016 Towards total sales of 8,000 houses per year inthe United States and Australia
Sumitomo Forestry Acquires Equity Interest in United States Homebuilder
Venturing into housing business along the central and southern parts of the U.S. East Coast


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