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Sumitomo Forestry Group is engaged in a wide range of businesses centered on wood.

Since our founding more than 330 years ago, we have accumulated technical expertise and know how related to wood, cultivated relationships with our customers, developed an extensive network of business partners both in Japan and abroad, and built our brand. With these unique strengths and through a diverse range of lifestyle-related services, we are committed to contributing to a sustainable and prosperous society.

Sumitomo Forestry
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Long-Term Vision “Mission TREEING 2030”
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We have built our own value chain, from forest management and forestation businesses around the world to procurement, distribution, manufacturing and processing through a global network, as well as providing all services related to people’s lives such as housing construction.

Timber and Building Materials Business

  • Volume of sustainable timber used as primary building material


    thousand m³

  • Total production volume at international manufacturing subsidiaries


    thousand m³

(Fiscal 2020)


Housing Business

  • Number of houses completed



(Fiscal 2021)


Construction and Real Estate Business

  • Number of units sold (U.S. and Australia)



(Fiscal 2023)


Environment and Resources Business

Areas of forests owned,managed,etc

  • Japan


    thousand ha

  • Overseas


    thousand ha



Lifestyle Services Business

  • Number of nursing home management facilities



  • Total units of nursing home facilities



(Fiscal 2020)


Overseas Business

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has long supported worldwide timber demand. However, the supply and demand situation for natural forest timber has tightened up in recent years, with a decline in forested land and stricter control of illegal logging.
Sumitomo Forestry is working to provide a stable timber supply over the long term by increasing production capacity and through advancing large-scale forestation.

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East Asia

In line with economic growth in China, the local timber and building materials markets are rapidly expanding, and housing demand is also showing a sudden upsurge. As such, Sumitomo Forestry will take steps to respond to the growing demand for timber, wooden building materials and housing by strengthening its business operations and through regional market development in East Asia.

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The Australian housing market is continuing to expand along with sudden population surges due to the country's immigration policies. Sumitomo Forestry has entered the local housing market through a tie-up with a local housing builder. We are expanding our business as a housing builder with a combination of high-level construction expertise and stable supply capacity.

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North America / Europe

Being home to the world's leading timber exporter and large timber and building materials markets, North America is a major presence on the global stage. Sumitomo Forestry made an early entrance into the North American market, establishing a procuring and exporting infrastructure while also selling spec homes in the region.

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Investor Relations

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(fiscal year ended December 31,2023)


We support the development of a sustainable society through businesses that leverage forests and wood.

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