IR Policy


Sumitomo Forestry aims to ensure an appropriate market evaluation of its corporate value through the timely, transparent and ongoing provision of information needed by investors for decision-making purposes. We likewise aim to improve our earnings performance by ensuring that all employees are familiar with the market opinions and trends that underpin management decision-making through establishing relations of trust with capital markets through a sincere approach and proactive public relations activities.

<Approach to Disclosure>

  • To heighten management transparency and meet corporate social responsibility standards, we not only proactively ensure prompt and fair disclosure under laws and regulations such as Japan's Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, but also release other information that we judge to be of concern to shareholders and investors as a matter of public interest.
  • We are committed to raising management standards by ensuring the information and opinions we collate through stakeholder relations activities, including dialogue with capital markets, are reflected in our management decision-making.


  • This website has been created to deepen understanding of our corporate activities on the part of all our shareholders and investors. It is not intended to serve as a platform for purchase, sale or other transactions involving the Company's stock, or for investment solicitation.
  • Targets and numerical forecasts carried on this website reflect information available at the time of compilation, and actual performance results may differ substantially from forecasts for the various reasons.
  • The Company takes every possible measure to ensure the accuracy of the content of this website, but takes no responsibility whatsoever for errors in the content or problems arising from download issues. The Company likewise offers no guarantee whatsoever regarding information contained in the websites to which this website has links.

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