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Overseas Housing, Construction and Real Estate Business


Centered around order homes and ready built homes businesses, we conduct a wide range of businesses
utilizing our group network that covers both eastern and western regions of Australia.Read More


The Henley Properties Group has been providing order homes and ready built homes in four states of Australia. Using different brands, "Henley" in Victoria and South Australia, "Plantation" in Queensland, and "Edgewater" in New South Wales, the group offers new homes ideally suited to each region and customer group. Henley has won the Professional Major Builder Awards Housing Industry Australia (HIA) three times in Victoria (2013, 2014, and 2019) and in Queensland for eight consecutive years since 2012. In addition, it has been highly acclaimed for being awarded the HIA National Award for the second time, in 2020.


The Wisdom Properties Group provides various house products and services from order homes to ready built homes in an area centered around Sydney, New South Wales. It has developed two brands. "Wisdom" is a brand targeting middle-high-class customers by providing unique homes that meet diverse needs, while paying great attention to details in their houses. The second brand, “Hoot”, offers high-quality and well-designed homes at a price range affordable for various income groups. It also offers a comprehensive pool and landscaping service, from design through to construction and maintenance.

Scott Park

The Scott Park Group offers order homes mainly in Perth, Western Australia. It uses three brands to effectively meet a diverse range of customers’ needs. "Redink” specializes in producing order homes that are tailored to a customer's ideal home. "101" mainly provides two-story housing and helps families move up. “B1” principally offers housing for those who are purchasing their first home.


Sumitomo Forestry Australia Pty Ltd. is the holding company of each group company in Australia. It also invests in a business selling timber and building materials, condominium development, as well as running housing lot development through its subsidiary SFA Land Developments Pty Ltd.