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Single-family homes business

Due to the steady and reliable increase of population in our areas of operation, we expect a sturdy and long-lasting demand for housing in the U.S. We develop single-family homes after determining areas which have a viable chance of growth in their respective housing market; utilizing a detailed market research analysis approach to determine actual demand.

Since our entrance into the U.S. housing market in 2003, our business has seen a steady expansion, with our current focus being on providing high-quality housing in a wide range of areas from the East to West Coast through our five affiliated housing builders. In its totality, the Sumitomo Forestry Group and its affiliated companies would be ranked as the 10th among builders throughout the U.S. in terms of the total number of closed housing units in 2019.

Our five affiliated builders have their own set of unique characteristics which vary from business areas, target groups, and prices in order to address a broad spectrum of consumer demands. We believe this diversified approach allows for more versatility which subsequently substantially lowers business risks.

* This rank is assuming our five builder companies and their respective number of closed housing units are combined and compared to other companies in the US builder magazine “2020 Builder 100”.


MainVue Homes’ main operational focus is the provision of single-family homes in Seattle, Washington. It possesses an excellent lineup of well-designed products, with homes built from materials commonly viewed as the advanced option. At the World of Model Homes, where groups of various model houses are built in proximity to each other, it provides the best experience for choosing products for customers through a direct side-by-side comparison.


Edge Homes focuses on providing single-family homes in Salt Lake City, Utah, best known for its role as the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Additionally, this area has shown a stable increase in its population and economic growth. The company proudly possesses the largest market share in the area. It offers single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums within its product lineup. A specialty of this company is its ability in developing master-planned communities including public spaces such as parks and clubhouses.


Brightland Homes has been expanding its single-family home business in a total of 6 areas which includes Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio in Texas, Phoenix in Arizona as well as Denver in Colorado. Brightland Homes has an extensive product lineup with assorted design options that can satisfy a wide range of consumer demands. It has been gaining great popularity among customers of different generations by providing housing units to accommodate the characteristics of each area. The company has won many awards and is highly appreciated as a representative builder of Texas.


Bloomfield Homes operates through the construction and sale of single-family homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. It was established in 2004, eventually expanding the areas in which it conducts business to around 50 housing communities in the area. Its product lineup is categorized into three series; Artisan, Classic, and Elements in order to meet the diverse demands of customers. It was ranked fourth in the share of housing closings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 2019.


The DRB Group provides single-family homes for the East Coast of the U.S., with its housing sales ranked at 25th in comparison to other companies. In addition to single-family homes, it sells townhomes, and, recently, also started to provide products for active adults to match diverse customer needs. It is currently expanding its business across 9 states on the East Coast.

Land development business

We have also focused on the development and preparation of residential sites through one of our Sumitomo Forestry Group companies. It provides high-quality, completed lots through a comprehensive process of land acquisition, development and preparation.

Mark Ⅲ Properties

MarkⅢ properties has focused its operations on selling completed housing lots, intended for single-family homes and townhomes, in the area centered on Greenville-Spartanburg in South Carolina, an area which has experienced a dramatic increase in population as well as economic growth including employment. With extensive experience accumulated over more than 40 years based on a wide range of local networks, the company holds the largest market share in the area.

Real estate development business

We have also focused on general real-estate development business. This includes; rental multi-family housing, commercial and mixed-use complexes, and logistics facilities in order to support the lifestyles of local communities through the development of various facilities tailored to the needs of each local community.

Crescent Communities

Crescent Communities has its headquarters in North Carolina. As a real estate developer, it has focused on the development and asset management of multi-family housing, commercial and mixed-use complexes, and logistics facilities in areas where the population and employment growth rate is high in the US. The company has established great trust among local communities and stakeholders by conducting high-value-added real estate developments and insourcing essential functions for real estate development. Examples include; land acquisition, fundraising, planning, construction management, management of lease property, and property selling. Crescent Communities has been named Multifamily Development Firm of the Year in the Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards, which was hosted by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) in 2019.


Sumitomo Forestry America, Inc. is the holding company of our affiliates in the US. In addition to its function as a holding company, its Dallas office sells timber and building materials, while its Los Angeles branch sells landscape materials. Additionally, SFA MF Holdings, LLC manages multi-family housing developments as a holding company for real estate businesses.