Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan ”Mission TREEING 2030 Phase 1” (FY12/2022 - FY12/2024)
Three years to build a foundation for future growth and for contributing to decarbonization

In 2022, the Sumitomo Forestry Group launched a new Medium-Term Management Plan, “Mission TREEING 2030 Phase 1” as the first step towards achieving its Long-Term Vision of “Mission TREEING 2030.” The three years of Mission TREEING 2030 Phase 1 (2022~2024) are being positioned as the period to build a foundation that will secure future growth and enable us to contribute to decarbonization.

Basic policy

1. Efforts to address decarbonization challenges using wood resources

  • Develop new businesses domestically and internationally that pursue the value of forests as a carbon absorption
  • Promote initiatives that enhance the competitiveness of domestic wood
  • Expand our medium- and large-scale wooden construction business

2. Promotion of a more resilient earnings base

  • Regain profitability of our housing and construction and timber and building materials businesses and promote transformation that enables us to anticipate and respond to future market changes
  • Improve asset efficiency

3. Acceleration of global expansion

  • Expand our housing and real estate business operations in the United States and Australia and create a profit base in Asia

4. Strengthen management base for sustainable growth

  • Promote digitalization
  • Enhance the securing and nurturing of human resources and improve employee engagement
  • Reinforce risk management

5. Further integration of business operations and ESG

  • Steadily implement initiatives to achieve RE100 / SBTs (Science Based Targets)

Performance Target

Segment targets

(billion yen)

Net sales Recurring income
Timber and Building Materials
  • Invest in new businesses that can become a future pillar of our business portfolio (domestic timber manufacturing including timber industrial complex, decarbonization business, and DX, etc.)
  • Rebuild overseas Manufacturing business
Net sales Recurring income 264.0 11.5
Overseas Housing and Real Estate
  • Continue to grow the Housing and real estate development business in the US, Australia and Asia
  • Commercialize medium- and large-scale wooden architecture business in non-residential segments in all markets including Europe
Net sales Recurring income 954.0 129.0
Housing and Construction
  • Increase market share and streamline construction in custom-built housing business
  • Expand spec homes business, non-residential business, and renovation business
Net sales Recurring income 547.0 32.0
Environment and Resources
  • Expand forest management area in Japan and abroad
Net sales Recurring income 26.5 4.0
  • Continue stable operation of nursing care business, etc.
Net sales Recurring income 29.0 5.0

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