Our Business

Housing Business

In addition to the custom-built detached housing business, we operate a wide range of housing-related businesses. These include the renovation business, apartment business, spec homes business, landscaping business, MOCCA (timber solutions) business, and existing homes business, as well as real estate brokerage and management, and renovation and resale of used houses.

Custom-Built Detached Housing Business

In 1975, taking advantage of buoyant housing demand as people and industries flocked to urban areas, we entered the Custom-Built Detached Housing Business to supply high-quality wooden homes, by utilizing the Group’s wealth of wood-related knowledge and networks. Since then, we have continued to provide high-quality housing through our high technological capabilities and excellent design proposal capabilities, and have grown this into our main business.
Guided by a commitment to putting customers first, we aim to supply safe, reliable and healthy homes that are environmentally friendly. By doing so, we will establish a system that achieves annual construction of 9,000 houses, a number that offers custom-built detached homes, spec homes, and apartments, with the aim of expanding our market share.

Apartment Business & Residential Property Development Business

In the apartment business, we provide apartments with an appeal that only it can offer by fully utilizing its expertise in wood, including its original construction methods that leverage its technological capabilities and specifications from the viewpoint of residents. For residential property development, our spec homes operations construct quality detached houses based on the technology and knowledge accumulated in our businesses, such as the Custom-Built Detached Housing Business and the Landscaping Business. Features of these homes are that they respect regional histories, environments, and cultures, and that they are built as townscapes in harmony with nature. In addition to the design codes of buildings that consider all aspects of housing, from location selection through to space designs, our aim is to create townscapes with a sense of unity between the homes and nature.

Landscaping Business

The landscaping business encompasses all aspects of “greenery,” from general housing to urban spaces and the creation of communities with an emphasis on biodiversity. In residential exterior landscaping, we offer a range of services from planning and design to the installation and maintenance of exterior and outdoor greenery in order to enhance the value of the residence. In environmental landscaping, we can provide total support for the design, construction and maintenance of parks or office buildings and other urban spaces. We also offer landscaping consulting services for a variety of facilities, including factories and research centers.

Existing Homes Business

As Japan’s housing stock has risen to around 62 million homes while the number of households is roughly 54 million, the Japanese government is promoting policies to make use of established housing and ensure the “formation of housing stock of good quality.” We are developing home renovation technologies to improve disaster prevention and mitigation performance, such as by enhancing seismic-reinforcement construction methods.
We also conduct businesses including, resales of renovated properties, real estate brokerage, and real estate rental and management with the aim of contributing to society as an eco-friendly business toward facilitating the effective utilization of housing stock as properly evaluated, high quality assets.

MOCCA (Timber Solutions) Business

Interest is growing in wooden construction non-residential buildings in consideration of aspects like responding to climate change and being considerate to the environment. Using the expertise in wood that we have accumulated in various businesses, as well as our technological and design capabilities in the Housing and Construction Business, we are concentrating our efforts on expanding the MOCCA (Timber Solutions) business, which promotes wooden construction methods and the use of wood in low-rise, nonresidential wooden buildings, such a children’s facilities, welfare facilities and lodging facilities. Going forward, with this business, we will continue to hand down the culture of wood while seeking to reinvigorate Japan’s forestry industry and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society where the economy is in harmony with the environment.