Business Initiatives That Contribute to Regional Co-creation

Business Initiatives That Contribute to Regional Co-creation

Contributions to Regional Co-creation Through Our Business

Sumitomo Forestry Group aims to create value for shared benefit by addressing social and environmental issues through integration of Group resources and existing businesses.

Participation in Regional Revitalization Through Our Business

As an initiative that leads to regional co-creation, Sumitomo Forestry Group participates in accommodation project at VISON, one of the largest commercial facilities in Japan, located in Taki-cho, Mie Prefecture. VISON HOTELS of Vison Hotel Management, a joint venture between Sumitomo Forestry, H. I. S. Hotel Holdings and Aqua Ignis, was opened in 2021.

A total of 201 rooms at the VISON HOTELS, including 6 villas, 155 hotel rooms, and 40 inn rooms. The villa building was selected for the Excellence Award in the non-housing category of the "1st Mie Prefecture Wood Construction Competition (sponsored by Mie Prefecture)" in recognition of the percentage of wood used from the prefecture and its high design quality. Designed in the image of a "detached room," the rooms are chic and woody, with black and white as the base color. Guests staying at the VISON HOTELS have access to various restaurants, shopping, and hot bath facilities, allowing them to fully enjoy their trip within "Vison". In addition, by using raw materials that contain natural straw, we adopt environmental impact reducing amenities that reduce plastic usage by 40%, and are engaged in environmentally sound initiatives. Sumitomo Forestry Group positions this project, an industry-government-academia project for regional revitalization, as a model for circular local communities and a recycling-oriented community and town. The development and operation of the accommodation facilities will increase the number of tourists and other visitors to the area, resulting in the local economy being revitalized and new jobs being created. Taking this opportunity, we will promote initiatives for regional co-creation by harnessing know-how of existing businesses while effectively utilizing the distinctive resources and culture of the region.

Exterior view of  HOTEL VISION

Exterior view of HOTEL VISON

Exterior View of the Villa Building

Exterior View of the Villa Building

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Business Initiatives That Contribute to Regional Co-creation

In January 2024, Sumitomo Forestry Company-invested Actibase Fukui opened Auberge Homachi Mikuniminato, a Machiya(traditional Japanese townhouse) hotel in Mikuniminato area of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. This hotel was built to revitalize Mikuniminato area, which flourished as a port of call for the ships "Kitamaebune" during Edo and Meiji periods, and utilizes this area's traditional machiya. We renovated characteristic "Kagura-Date Machiya" of Mikuniminato and "Hirairi ( a style in which entrance is located in one of the sides parallel to ridge of roof)" and "Irimoya-zukuri (A hip-and-gable roof construction, or a building with this roof construction)" traditional Japanese buildings, and made them into lodging facilities with guest rooms in machiyas scattered around the region. Renovation based on attractiveness of old private house and improvement of seismic resistance was made. "Shakudani stone" that can only be mined in Fukui Prefecture and timber produced in Fukui Prefecture were used. Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech was in charge of the renovation. We made use of our knowledge of seismic retrofitting technology for old houses to make our accommodation facilities safe and comfortable.

In addition, One Click LCA was used to calculate amount of carbon storage for one unit of a machiya hotel. Total amount of carbon storage in timber used in the building is approximately 26 tons, which is equivalent to carbon storage of approximately 85 40-year old Japanese cedars (Cryptomeria japonica). By reusing lumber for pillars, beams, koyagumi (roof truss), etc., we have avoided emission of six tons of CO2 from incineration of lumber after demolition of buildings. Amount of embodied carbon is about 57 tons, which means that CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 15% compared to building a new house with same specifications.

Renovating to Improve Asset Value

Sumitomo Forestry Home Tech Co., Ltd. was selected through a competitive bidding prosess for renovation of the second floor of dining hall building on Suma campus of Kobe Women's University. The renovation was completed in October 2023. Based on concept of "Forest nurture - Nurturing a Place to Live (Forest)," we installed three big tables approximately five meters long made of Japanese cypress. We proposed a plan for a lush green space based on concept of biophilic design. We were able to provide and realize a relaxing space by working with students on painting of tables and finishing of lighting equipment.

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