Basic Policy

Sumitomo Forestry provides proposals for ideal home building to customers who are thinking about buying a home through continuous communication with useful and effective information offering.

We introduce information helpful in housing development such as the design examples as well as structural and technological information as part of the stream of home building. Next, we provide guidance at showrooms to help customers see Sumitomo Forestry home building and exhibitions to provide a first-hand experience of the warmth in wood. We also provide information in various other forms such as tours in the homes our customers are actually living in.

In addition, Japanese housing policy is encouraging the standardization of excellent long-term housing and Net Zero Energy Houses (ZEH) to transition to emphasis on the importance of creating high-quality stock which is easy to maintain so that each house can be valued and lived in for a long time. Sumitomo Forestry conducts housing maintenance and replaces equipment in addition to providing appropriate proposals such as exterior renovations to sustain comfortable living in the long term for every owner. We are able to create opportunities such as consultation and inquiries through ongoing communication at owners events held in each location throughout Japan in addition to sustaining ongoing asset value through long-term support for the comfortable living of our customers.

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Strengthening Sales Capabilities

Sumitomo Forestry offers a unique application system that realizes ideal home building.

Once a customer applies, we meet to discuss everything from the exterior and room plan to the interior and housing exteriors with a home building team dedicated to the customer made up of a person in charge of sales, design, interior design, production and housing exteriors. At the point of application, each person with expert knowledge inquires about the requirements for the home such as the budget, family composition, lifestyle and any other areas of emphasis to help achieve the ideal home in all respects.

In addition, we ensure ideal home building by escorting our customers to the actual construction site and giving them an image of the real home upon completion. We have been offering videos introducing sites during constructions and after completion through the MYHOME PARK website since fiscal 2020 to enable customers to experience how Sumitomo Forestry homes are built.

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Sales of Home in-line with Various Needs and Lifestyles

Sumitomo Forestry proposes housing to a broad range of customers from first time home buyers to married couples that plan to live with their children in multi-generational homes or who plan to live as a couple after their children are grown.

In response to needs such as efficient traffic lines and room plans easy for families to interact as well as storage ideas and the latest equipment, DUE CLASSO custom-built housing for double-income families proposes Saku-kaji (prompt housework), Tomo-kaji (housework together) and Shin-kaji (new housework). These innovations are plentiful and help families spend a wonderful time together in this important space created through family cooperation. DUE CLASSO helps create a living space to achieve a leisurely lifestyle in both personal and professional life.

In addition, Forest Selection BF launched to propose 1,000 carefully selected plans from approximately 300,000 proven custom-built homes has achieved residential spaces tailored to the needs and lifestyles of customers through its rich selection of choices.

Both of these products promote ZEH specifications to provide living spaces that value the lifestyle environment as well as the global environment.

We are also proposing five new plans that ensure a workspace in newly built homes as telework becomes more common due to lifestyle changes driven by the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As a housing manufacturer that builds custom units in single-family spec homes, we use our expertise and design capabilities with which we have responded to the demand of more than 300,000 customers and provide homes integrating living and working spaces.



Integrated Work-Life Single-family Spec Homes

Integrated Work-Life Single-family Spec Homes

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Model Homes/Showrooms

Sumitomo Forestry has expanded its model homes to roughly 300 sites and its showrooms to about 80 different locations. Technology housing display centers in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya also specialize in appealing to the technological and performance features of Sumitomo Forestry Home houses. Each model home and showroom has taken measures to provide an environment where customers feel safe as the world faces the COVID-19 through comprehensive measure to prevent the spread of the infection. Some of these measures include reservations before visiting a model home and online consultations.

Sumitomo Forestry provides first-hand experience of the attractive living it provides through these model houses.

Sumitomo Forestry model homes offer a variety of houses on display, including two- and three-story homes with innovative exterior designs.

  1. High-quality Luxurious Wooden Spaces
    Each of these model houses let customers interact with luxurious wooden spaces that fully take advantage of design capabilities unique to Sumitomo Forestry, which has cultivated expertise in both the quality and charm of wood. In particular, visitors can get a taste of the high-quality atmosphere only provided in these real spaces from the flooring made from the world's precious wood and wooden fittings that impeccable fluidity with the interior design.
  2. Design Proposals Founded in Comfortable Living
    The strength of a structure is obviously important in a home, but a room plan, flow planning and storage plan as well as other aspects to provide comfortable lifestyles is also vital to every family living in the home. Visitors to these exhibitions can see the innovative room plans and ease of cleaning provided by Sumitomo Forestry with their own eyes. For example, families with children can also get a picture about raising their children there, including proposals for floor plan and children room as well as a study corner perfect to raise children. These families can also get a feel for high quality wood spaces accommodating work at home thanks to workspaces that take advantage of wood properties that help enhance concentration.
  3. Environmentally-Friendly Design and the Latest Equipment
    Sumitomo Forestry is revolutionizing design with the Ryouonbou design concept. This design concept aims to incorporate the soothing qualities of nature and facilitate a lifestyle which does not rely too much on air-conditioning and heating systems. Everyone can see the actual innovations at our model houses, such as a design to create airflow from the south to north of the home with wonderful light via deep eaves. Furthermore, the exhibition builds in an Ene-Farm solar power generation system and fuel cell units for homes as well as central air-conditioning systems in addition to the latest environmental devices.

The Sumitomo Forestry showrooms offer a unique line-up only possible from a housing builder. Every visitor can form a specific vision of their home while comparing a broad line-up of curtains, wallpapers, interior materials, furniture as well as exterior materials such as exterior walls and entrance doors in addition to plumbing equipment such as system kitchens and bathrooms.

  1. Large Exhibition of a Variety of the Latest Equipment
    We exhibit system kitchens from multiple product manufacturers. Design features from the sink tops to the color and texture of doors from different manufactures can be examined while comparing the storage space and convenience. Our model homes also provide a sanitary corner for bathrooms sinks and other equipment so that visitors can imagine the usability of these kitchens, restrooms and any other rooms requiring plumbing.
  2. Total Coordination of Interiors and Exteriors
    A wealth of floor materials, doors and windows, furniture and more are on display together with curtains and wallpaper with a wide variety of colors and patterns. These displays can provide a base to specifically consider an indoor feel suitable to the interior decor of each customer's image. We also have brought together a broad line-up of exterior materials for entrance doors and external walls to help visitors solidify their exterior images, which can offer coordination for the entire home.
    Everyone can get a distinct individual feel with wood that varies in color and look for each tree species. The showrooms make available floor materials in addition to a broad range of other interior and exterior materials. Each person can experience the look and actual feel of these materials from the touch to texture which cannot be felt in catalogs or on websites.
  3. Exhibition of the Housing Structure and Latest Environmental Devices
    Sumitomo Forestry puts on display the housing structure which brings the most concern. This lets potential buyers experience the strength for themselves. In addition, we have the latest environmental devices on display, such as solar power generation.
First Senri Model Home (Osaka-Kita Branch/Osaka) Opened in April 2019
First Senri Model Home (Osaka-Kita Branch/Osaka) Opened in April 2019

First Senri Model Home (Osaka-Kita Branch/Osaka) Opened in April 2019

Technology Exhibition Houses

At the model homes which act as a place to communicate with our customers about home building, technology exhibition houses specialize in appealing to the technological and performance features of Sumitomo Forestry Home houses. These exhibition houses creatively explain excellent competencies of wooden houses and structural features of the Big Frame Construction Method—Sumitomo Forestry's own building method that is Japan's first wooden beam Rahmen structure—so that visitors are able to understand the basic structures of the homes through direct exposure.

Even while confronted by the COVID-19 crisis in fiscal 2020*, almost the same number of people (total of 2,670 groups) as in the past years visited the technology exhibition houses in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

* Data collection period: January to December 2020

Outside of Technology Exhibition House

Outside of Technology Exhibition House

Inside of Technology Exhibition House

Inside of Technology Exhibition House

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Respect for and Application of Customer Feedback

Operation of Sumitomo Forestry Customer Service Department

Sumitomo Forestry established the Customer Service Department in April 2000 as a Group-wide customer service help desk. Communicating the opinions and complaints of customers, including neighboring residents, to improve each department as well as management is an important mission for the Customer Service Department in enhancing customer first actions even further. The Customer Service Department holds periodic meetings and working groups with each business division and Group company as well as shares information to provide high-quality products and services which will bring sensation to our customers. The Department discusses the issues and examples of solutions to bring together as specific measures. The measures then are executed throughout the Group, and the Customer Service Department regularly evaluates progress and efficacy of the measures, and undertakes reviews and corrective actions, in line with the PDCA cycle.

Additionally, Sumitomo Forestry regularly introduces example creative solutions that can be easily adapted in the daily work routine, improves customer satisfaction as well as publishes heart-warming stories on the intranet. Direct feedback and opinions of customers sent to the Customer Service Department, details of the consultations and their analysis results, and examples of superior response are consistently communicated to prevent recurrence of factors causing problems. The support for internal training and one-on-one meetings with Group companies are also provided.

Operation of Sumitomo Forestry Call Centers

Sumitomo Forestry established Sumitomo Forestry Call Centers that open 24 hours a day 365 days a year toll free as a consistent dedicated helpline throughout Japan that allows immediate support such as an emergency response lifeline to assist our customers. The telephone number is distributed on magnet cards given to home owners at delivery and shared on owner dedicated websites, in magazines and other mediums so that this helpline will be used broadly by our customers.

Presently the centers are located in Tokyo and Okinawa, and are linked together, shortening wait times for customers who call via the unified national free-dial number. Moreover, in response to the COVID-19, we moved and expanded office space to better the workplace environment for operators. In fiscal 2020, the Call Centers handled a large volume of calls about postponing visits and repair requests due to the COVID-19. We will continue to strive to improve customer satisfaction by promptly responding to customer requests and consultations.

Sumitomo Forestry Call Center Inquiry Breakdown (Trends)

Sumitomo Forestry Call Center Inquiry Breakdown (Trends)

* An increase in calls related to postponing visits and repair requests due to the COVID-19

* Data collection period: January to December 2020

Customer Surveys

At Sumitomo Forestry, in order to provide our customers with even greater satisfaction and service, we conduct questionnaires three times during when residents move into their home and the second and tenth years of moving in, and receive the opinions and impressions of the owners.

The survey questions primarily elicit responses about specifications, design, building materials, systems and fixtures, and the support service provided by the staff. The Company then statistically processes and analyzes these results, and applies any findings to product development and employee training.

We strive to improve customer satisfaction through direct customer contact gained from the comments received in these surveys, which are then shared with all of our relevant departments.

Each branch collects and ranks items determined by the people in charge of sales, design, interiors, production, and housing exteriors to judge the level of customer satisfaction. Our headquarters forwards the results of these rankings to each branch every three months. Each branch then aims to improve overall customer satisfaction while doing everything in their power to revise measures accordingly based on the results.

In fiscal 2020, the satisfaction ratio in these surveys was 96.5% in the survey of new owners, and 96.3% in the survey of second-year owners.

Furthermore, Sumitomo Forestry has adopted the Net Promoter Score (NPS)* advocated by the housing industry for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction. In October 2017, we revised the five stage evaluation to an 11 stage evaluation for the questions above.

We will continue to provide high-quality products and services which bring sensation to our customers by further leveraging customer feedback through the NPS survey analysis.

* NPS is a new index used to measure customer loyalty (the amount of trust and affinity for the company and brand).

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Communicating Information to Customers

Website Operation and Magazine Publication

Sumitomo Forestry operates its clubforest special website for owners of Sumitomo Forestry Home houses. As of December 2020, about 130,000 owners had registered as members.

Through a variety of content on the site, we provide information that is useful in helping members get more enjoyment and comfort out of their lives as homeowners. The site offers various contents such as a page where members can see photos of the construction site as its progresses, exclusive sales pages where only owners can purchase Sumitomo Forestry Home products at special discount prices and a 24-hour inquiry that accepts requests for building repairs.

Lovely Family is a home and lifestyle magazine published twice a year. It also features details about Group company activities such as renovation and utilization of lands. About 310,000 prints were issued for each issue in fiscal 2020.

Progress check page in clubforest

Progress check page in clubforest

The cover of Lovely Family, fall and winter 2020 issue

The cover of "Lovely Family", fall and winter 2020 issue

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Sustainability Report